Friday, November 27, 2009


Please tell me... What is YOUR opinion on opinions:

How often do you share yours?
How often do you lets others' opinions of what you should or should not do actually dictate what you do or do not do?
Do you or have you ever let someone's opinion of someone ELSE persuade you to share in that same opinion?
Is there someone in your life who is constantly giving you their [unwanted] opinion?
How often do you ask for another person's opinion?
Do you share your opinion without first being asked?
If you voluntarily bring up a topic - any topic - does that warrant that topic "open for discussion" thereby insinuating "Opinions Welcomed"?
Do you preface your opinion by stating first that this is just an opinion?
Whose opinion do you value the most?

If someone blogs THEIR opinion on their OWN blog, and a reader doesn't agree, do you think it is ok for that reader to comment on the post, revealing his/her own opinion? Or do you think it's rude -- or does it depend on the topic and how controversial it is?

Lately I've been getting a lot of opinions on certain things I should or should not do. A couple of times it has been because I have solicited it; I asked, "What do you think about....?" etc. And a few other times, I have been the one to bring up a topic and therefore the person to whom I am speaking gives their opinion in response. In MY Opinion - tee hee - I think both of those situations are merited. I brought it up, ergo "fair game".

And I tend to share my opinion more with those whom I am closer, and often times I will say, "In my opinion" or "take it or leave it... " etc.

I do think that there are some forums in which opinions should be left undebated. And even though it is our 1st amendment right to "comment", perhaps it is more polite that we simply respect the author's opinion and let it be. I find this mostly true with writing. Poems, journals, BLOGS!!! [hullo!], etc. I mean, if you don't agree, move on! unless... of course, i am ASKING YOU!

Personally, I don't have a huge problem with this. However, I have noticed lately a few of my bloggy friends will post about something, maybe to share or to vent to perhaps even to get an opinion or two. But then some reader comes along and basically attacks them, telling them that their opinion is stupid, or reading them the riot act, etc. I think that is just poor taste... in my opinion, hehehe.

I guess on the one hand, if you don't want to hear someone else's opinion on politics, religion, relationships, child-rearing, etc. then don't blog about it. On the other hand, "It's my BlogSpot and I'll Blog if I want to, Blog if I want to, Blog if I want to! You would blog too if it happened to you!" he-he-he-he!

p.s. Once, I submitted a recipe for a church cook book and in the directions I meant to put, "add onions and continue to stirfry with meat until tender". However, I must have had some sort of typo... because spell checker was on "auto correct" and switched the word "onions" to "opinions". The mistake wasn't caught until after the book was published and distributed. So, now the recipe calls for one to "add opinions and continue to stirfry meat until tender." Every time I open the book to that recipe, I always envision some not-the-sharpest-tool-in-the-shed housewife, standing over a hot stove, talking to the stir fry... "Mmm.... I think you look yummy!" ... or "you suck!" hahahahaha! opinions! hahahahaha!


okeydokeyifine said...

no comment....hahahahaha

Susie said...

I personally try to stay away from politics or hot buttons on blogs and comments. When asked, I will to try and add value to discussion but I would never attack someone.

RhondaLue said...

was it me? Did I share my opinion unsolicited???

I think it's ok to share a diff opinion as long as it's respectful and not trying to start a fight. I have seen a friend post a FB status update talking about her newborn baby driving her crazy crying non stop and an aunt of hers responded so rude saying she feels terrible that she's regretting having that lovely baby already, blah. blah, blah. Like, seriously, it was a frustration comment why do people have to respond like that?

Anyway, you do know opinions are like buttholes, everybody's got one!

Puphigirl said...

When giving my opinion I usually preface it by saying, "In my opinion..." I'm not one to comment on politics because it is not an interest of mine. I don't feel that I am well educated in politics. I don't get involved in the hot button topics. I have witnessed such bouts where it usually results in calling each other stupid, then someone takes the high road and uses the line, "Well, I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree."

Ruthykins said...

alright! geez! you didn't have to call me out on your blog! i'll stop giving you my opinions, already!

i guess i don't mind hearing someone's opinion as long as they don't try to push in on me. don't tell me what i should do, tell me what i could do. the thing i hate the most is when someone says "you need to do this." i druther they said "you might want to think about doing this." that's so much nicer. and about politics. i will only talk about them if i think the person is on my side. one time i was at a dinner and i said something and a lady at the table piped up and said how she voted for the other guy. i was shocked, but just let it go and started talking about something else. in politics i don't want to hear opinions different from my own. same thing with child care. i'll take opinions on cooking or decor or travel, though.

kissypoohporter said...

I tend to only REALLY stand on my soapbox with people i'm really comfortable with. but i will occasionally share a tidbit or two.

i'm also one who only takes things with a grain of salt...i don't get too upset about anyone else's opinions...UNLESS they are unreasonable in listening to other opinions (when they won't listen, but argue without hearing a thing you are saying!) that does irritate me a bit!

well...hope that all made sense...sometimes my thoughts and my words are so coherent!

Tulsi said...

Sometimes I'll leave an opinion. But mostly if I agree. If not, I'm a "move on to something else" kind of person. I think each blog is personal and the blogger should be able to vent, meander, be thoughtful, even be hateful if they so desire in their present state. While many blogs are public, they are not public officials or movie stars usually and should not be raked over the coals for feeling the way they do. There are many reasons for someone to feel certain ways at any given time. And sometimes the next hour they feel differently. I seldom ask for an opinion and do on occassion really rant and rave. It's my space to do what I want to.

Anonymous said...
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Era said...

Opinions are great, but you're right, sometimes they need to be reserved for one's own thought process. I guess balance is an art :)

greenolive said...

I don't think it's right to attack people whether it's a blog or not. Adults should be able to discuss opposing sides with respect. I don't know why people think that being offensive makes them right.

Debbi said...

I ACTUALLY laughed out loud at the last image of the housewife complimenting her stirfry. Hilarious.

IMO, which you KNOW I'm not afraid to share, blogs need to be a 'tred softly' opinion place. If you are constructive, it's okay. If you attack, it becomes less of an opinion than anything.

Laura said...

I have one word. Tact. If its asked for go ahead.. but be nice about it! And .. dont share if your being judgemental!

That's my two cents worth. I'm usually the type to keep it to myself. Maybe that's why I get so ticked off when somebody passes judgement on me.. or a close friend!