Friday, August 21, 2009

That's Gotta Hurt!

So, um what's better than sharing one of your most embarrassing moments??? Why, sharing someone else's of course! Sorry, to do this to ya Char, (ok... really, I'm not), but I just LOVED LOVED LOVED this post - Mostly, because it seemed like just the sort of "sticky situation" I'd have gotten myself into.

Anyway, you MUST go check out what happened to my friend & coworker, Charlotte, and offer her your best sympathies!

Click HERE: Charlotte's Chitter Chatter Besides, we all need a little more loves when we are feeling slightly "kicked when we're down", right?

Oh, and don't forget to tell her I sent ya!


springbubble said...

i'm sorry, but i'm laughing! i promise myself, i will never ever buy that waxing kit and do it myself!

lilianril said...

Huh, well I am the one thet put it out in cyberspace to begin with. Guess I had it coming. Bring on the laughs, but please spare some sympathy too.

Alice in Wonderland said...

OUCH! That has got to hurt! But we have all made mistakes just to save a few bucks! Here I am laughing, but I also sympathise 'cos it's just the sort of thing that would happen to me too!

Vickie said...

Oh that poor girl! I hope that is her only issue with the wax.

I used wax once. Not only did it NOT work, it gave me a rash!!

Never ever again:p