Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Me Monday

Is it Monday already? Wow! I guess that means it's time to reveal all that I did NOT do or say last week.

I was NOT in Carson City, NV for a family reunion. All of my sisters could NOT make it, along with some of the spouses and all of the kids. I do NOT think there were like 26 people crawling on top of each other all week. We did NOT do things like have picnics, go to museums, ride trains, shop at the fruit market, have game nights, a talent show, swim, visit old-timey Virginia City, go to the Chocolate Factory, have family photos and sit around and chat. No, we certainly did NOT.

I did NOT have a hard time sleeping, even while on vacation, and I suppose it was NOT because I had a lot on my mind that I wanted to get home and take care of. I did NOT end up leaving 3 days earlier than initially intended, and did NOT get at least one good night's sleep (before NOT have two more crappy nights).

On Friday I did NOT try to log on to my bank account online and it did NOT give me a message; something to do with enhanced security settings already being applied to a different computer and it did NOT say in order to change those settings and view my account, I would NOT have to use that same computer. I did NOT realize that I would have to make a trek into work on my day off and logon and change my security settings. I did NOT get there just moments before the way hot substitute FedEx guy showed up. The following conversation did NOT ensue. ME: HI! I heard I've missed you on this route all week! HIM: Yep! I thought maybe you and the regular FedEx guy went on vacation together. ME: Nope! Besides, why would I do that and miss seeing my FAVORITE FedEx guy? I mean, you are the cute one! HIM: (blushing) Thanks! [asked questions about my trip here, blah, blah, blah] ME: Well, have a great weekend! HIM: Yeah, see ya Monday! ME: You'll be here next week too? HIM: Oh, just Monday and Tuesday. ME: Ohhh, Snap! I better be sure to have good hair days, and rehearse the Ol' "Bend & Snap" routine! HIM: hehehe... ok! Sounds Good! After said hot substitute FedEx guy left, my co-worker did NOT look at me, laugh and shake his head slightly. I did NOT respond with, "And *THAT* my friend, is how it's done!"

I then did NOT have a wonderful phone conversation with my Friend From Back Home (FFBH), and my FFBH did NOT make me laugh and he did NOT make me homesick, and now I am NOT thinking about taking a weekend (without kids) to go back home for a visit. No, I certainly am NOT.

Saturday, I did NOT go to a matinee with Teener "Office Girl" and Blondie and we did NOT watch "Julie & Julia" which was NOT hysterical! I do NOT think that I was the one in the theater that laughed the hardest as I did so NOT relate to the whole blogging thing. I may NOT have even snorted. Also, I do NOT think that I cried the hardest as I so totally do NOT relate to the whole feeling lost/useless/helpless thing either. And I certainly did NOT cry over the display of love & affection displayed. I do NOT recommend this movie. Nope I do NOT.

As I am NOT tired and am NOT struggling through a migraine At.This.Given.Moment, I will NOT leave you with pictures from the reunion. Please, do NOT enjoy! Oh... and what did you NOT do this week?

My daughter playing the Ukelele for the family talent show.

My oldest doing his Hackey Sack Demonstration
Grandkids doing a skit to "Roast" their grandparents.
At Old-Timey Virginia City. My middle one says he's having fun but that he just hates smiling.

Me, with one of my funny nephews. I asked him once to do something, and he said, "Ok... I will listen to you. But I won't listen to my mom." hahaha!
Me with another nephew at Lake Tahoe. He kept saying he wanted a pic with me. But everytime I'd go to snap it, he'd look away. Too funny.
Kids playing at Lake Tahoe. Water is icy cold; too cold for swimming, but the weather was perfect for playing on the beach.

During the family photo time.


springbubble said...

hey, i like that bend-and-snap-thing!

Holli and Billy said...

Hahaha!! You totally make me laugh!! P.S. I love the family photo! You look GREAT!!

Ashley said...

How fun! Love that family photo! Such a gorgeous family!!

Puphigirl said...

I did NOT start getting sick on the return trip from family reunion. I did NOT go to the doctor today and he did NOT tell me that I have bronchitis and he did NOT write 3 prescriptions for me.

Susie said...

Gorgeous picture!! You guys look great:-)

Betty said...

Great family pic!
I hope your migraine goes away soon.

purplehaze said...

Nice pictures! Worked with nursemom last night she was telling me all about the reunion! You know once you get into the lake it does warm up!

Megan said...

Ok, that conversation / flirt session with Mr. FedEx is PRICELESS!! Haha!

Looks and sounds like you guys had a ton of fun at your reunion!

LOVE the family pic. You're all too cute!