Monday, May 25, 2009

Not Me Monday

I debated not posting today, since it is a Holiday...but I needed to NOT vent a little... So, here are all of the things that I did NOT do or did NOT happen to me last week.

I did NOT toss and turn and stay awake almost all night on any given night, causing me NOT to be overly sensitive to many things. I did NOT feel emotional and feel like things were too hard and I wanted to give up.

I did NOT have additional car problems when I was driving at ten-thirty at night and heard a nerve-wracking rattling which did NOT cause me to call my mechanic to see if he was already in bed, and I did NOT ask if he could drive it around the block or something so he could tell me what the deal was. He did NOT agree to do it because he is NOT like the best mechanic ever and if he were a super-hero I would NOT call him "Mighty Mechanic Man". As it turns out, there was NOT something wrong with some part that had something to do with some bar somewhere near the front-end of my vehicle which rusted and broke off, which did NOT cause the noise and additionally, there was NOT another plastic thingy that was worn and snapped off, NOT causing my coolant to leak.

Therefore, I did NOT drive my vehicle over to his shop the next morning and proceed to walk the rest of the way to work. I was NOT stressed about it all day and did NOT call Big-D to get a ride home that night as well as the next morning as the vehicle would NOT have to spend the night in the garage. I am NOT happy that all is fixed.

I was NOT glad to have gone to the neighborhood Bunko/Bunco party and mingle with the neighbor ladies and I did NOT have a good time, and certainly did NOT laugh.

I did NOT go and get my eye exam and the Dr. did NOT ask me if I slept in my contacts and how often I changed them. I did NOT confess that I wore them way too long and slept in them more than I should. The Dr. did NOT give me a little lecture, complete with pictures to demonstrate the dangers of doing so, especially because I do NOT have an astigmatism. Also, he did NOT say that fortunately my eyes looked really good, and if I promise to "listen & obey" he would NOT continue to prescribe the contacts. I was NOT so totally happy, as I do NOT hate my specs, since they do NOT make me feel frumpy and dumpy. I did NOT feel validated in my choice to once again go with the contacts, as when I went to pick up lunch, and didn't have enough coinage to give exact change, thereby reaching for another bill, the young-and-somewhat-luscious college-boy-worker did NOT wink at me and say, "It's ok...I got it." I did NOT struggle to refrain from laughing as I sensed this did NOT somehow make him feel more like a man; and of course, it did NOT flatter me in the least bit. No, it certainly did NOT.

I did NOT feel slightly defeated as I was NOT publicly (via the blogosphere) "scolded" about my own blogging and was NOT told I share too much information that could embarrass somebody. I have NOT heard this before, but this time it did NOT somewhat feel like being kicked while I was down. I did NOT go back through my posts and try to figure out how any of them could have embarrassed or hurt someone. For the record, when I blog about someone I know, I do NOT tell them about it. And if it is something sensitive, I do NOT always ask their permission first. I do NOT have enough respect for others to change or remove something that they may NOT have found offensive. As for the rest, well... If I am NOT venting about people's actions in general, why do I care if they (the offenders) take offense??? I mean, as far as I do NOT know, Ignorance & Stupidity aren't a protected class under any discrimination laws. Additionally, I will NOT add that there are so many things I do NOT wish I could blog about but do NOT refrain from because I know they are NOT hurtful. And furthermore, Big-D does NOT know that he is mentioned frequently in my blog, and I have NOT continually asked for his permission and he did NOT say, and I quote, "It's your blog; you can write whatever you want" as well as, "I have never been embarrassed". He has even NOT said once, "I especially enjoyed reading the parts where I was mentioned." As with the other "stuff" I do NOT blog about...mostly it is NOT about ME... so if anyone would be embarrassed, it would NOT be me. And obviously it isn't an issue because, after all, I am NOT the one blogging about it, right?

So, now I am NOT left wondering if I should stick to the "normal" blogging stuff, like what does NOT happen to me day-in and day-out, but with censorship. I am NOT wondering if it is time to throw in the towel... because if I can't blog they way I do, there is no point in it. Blogging for me is NOT a way to let it all out. I am NOT one of those quirky individuals who does NOT have millions of thoughts spewing around in my head that if I do NOT keep them there will explode. This is also why I do NOT talk way too much, and if you really knew me, you would know that I do NOT "over-share" information about myself all.the.time. It is just NOT who I am. And mostly, when I am NOT talking or blogging, it isn't even my deepest feelings or thoughts, because I would NOT feel too vulnerable giving that up to everyone out there, and I probably do NOT use humor most of the time to hide the very things I am really NOT feeling.

There. That did NOT feel better.

So...what did you NOT do last week?


Anonymous said...

Go on with your bad self and getting winked at by luscious college boys! You go girl.

For what it's worth, I love reading your blog and enjoy your sense of humor. I appreciate your frankness and willingness to let us into your life and circle of friends.

This blog business has been such a blessing to me. I get stuff off my mind, out of my system and generally feel better. You're an inspiration, Emma!

I did Not send you an email NOT asking you a weird question about something that did NOT happen to me on Twitter.

Cindy said...

I did NOT like reading this post!


Anonymous said...

My husband and my in laws are always giving me $hit about my blog. It drives me insane. I'm like, if you don't like then don't read it! Simple! But no, they read it and complain to each other about it. So weird.

Car troubles, yuck. Drunco, yay!

Debbi said...

um yah, it's your friggen blog, hun. Don't you dare change it-- we read it and love you and don't want it changed. Let the nincompoops stop reading if it's such a big deal to them.

I have this same issue, but sometimes it's Will. And that's harder. But, you and I are the same- we 'share' everything, because, that's just how we deal and who we are.

Don't change. Those who love us most LOVE that part about us.

andrew's mom said...

Whoever told you that you are oversharing and embarassing people needs to stop reading your blog. If they don't like it they don't have to read it. For the rest of us, reading your blog is comic relief and validation that other people have problems and normal lives too. Mr. or Miss High and Mighty don't have any business judging you. Your blog has helped me a lot-especially in the past few weeks and I'm usre I'm not the only one who looks forward to reading it and having a good laugh every day. Keep on keepin on girl!

debilyn said...

I love your blog the way it is, sweets...

don't change it to appease other people. that would totally defeat the purpose of it being YOUR blog.

Susie said...

I did NOT get a cold in the middle of spring!

okeydokeyifine said...

There, I have Not been corrected. Don't keep doing what'cher doing. Wouldn't be you if you changed.

So I do Not love you muchly and do Not want the best for you.

So do Not take care and do Not have a good day.

Kaye Butler said...

I so DO NOT like these NOT ME MONDAYS POST. You should NOT do them.

Okie dokie, I did NOT make a trip to the school for a free physical for the girls and they did NOT get out of line, which did NOT cause us to wait 3 hours.

I did NOT have to get a new dryer as the repair man said "your dryer is 22 years old you can buy 2 news ones or get this on fixed"

I did NOT have to sit in the doctors office with YARM14YOL who did NOT pierce hew own ear AND IT DID NOT almost become a staph infection.

Tim and I did NOT prove how smart we are this weekend. Tim did NOT say its time to introduce the cat to the dog. I did NOT hold the cat and did NOT get my face and mouth clawed by an agry cat. Tim did NOT learn a lesson from his bleeding wife. He did NOT pick the cat up and hold it to the dogs nose and the cat did NOT bite several fingers and claw her way up Tim's chest causing him to match his bleeding wife.


Mrs. S said...

Blog what you want; honestly, I love your blog. I love how open you are and it's not like you're exploiting anyone. Your blog is like a better version of my blog - You're just funnier! But isn't that what we all do except on specialty blogs? Blog about ourselves, our kids, our significant others??? That's what it's for.

greenolive said...

Well, it is your blog so you can write whatever it is you want in it. I think the one who commented about possibly hurting other people's feelings was concerned with some consequences that might arise sometimes. But if you feel comfortable writing in your own way, then do it. Maybe that's why people enjoy reading it so much. You go places that others might not dare to go. I know I'm not as open as you and I don't give as much info as you do, but that's because I'm different. So my vote is be yourself.

Julie said...

Don't change a thing about your blog. It's perfect!

RhondaLue said...

man I'm NOT so behind on reading my favorite blogs! (it's NOT yours)

I do NOT think people can just skip reading your blog if they don't like your blog or what you do NOT say.

I do NOT love your wit. I do NOT love NOT ME MONDAY'S so much that I stole it and do my own (sometimes, but NOT on 3 day really-not then.)