Monday, April 20, 2009

Not Me Monday

Here is another episode of Not Me Monday... and all the things I did NOT do last week...

Last week I did NOT miss the gym on 2 occasions because I was NOT tired on one and I did NOT pull a muscle in my back on the other. The day I did manage to go to the gym I did NOT cry while I did NOT watch The Biggest Loser Makeover Movie Premier and the guy who was NOT on the bike next to me did NOT look at me like I was NOT one of those women. I also did NOT lose another 1.1 lbs. I know... you should totally NOT congratulate me on this.

I did NOT accidentally neglect some frozen bread dough thawing in the fridge, which did NOT quadruple in size forming one huge blob, which was NOT the size of a bowling ball, did NOT smell sour and I did NOT have to throw it out. I did NOT make homemade peanut butter bars which my kids totally did NOT eat right up. I did NOT bust tons of loads of laundry out like a mad woman on a mission and I certainly did NOT forget to take my meds on any given night.

I did NOT work late on two occasions and I did NOT say on at least three that I need to find a different job. I did NOT think that last week was stressful at work and I was NOT grateful for the weekend!

At the end of one of my crappy work days, I did NOT call Richard from Pinnacle Title a Pee-Pee Head Pencil-Pusher on Facebook. I did NOT continue to write slightly naughty things on Facebook just to get comments, because I am NOT that vain and do NOT need that much attention. Also, I did NOT stay up way too late two nights in a row chatting with Mattie on Facebook and I did NOT wake up late the next mornings because of it.

Speaking of sleep, I did NOT have any weird dreams last week, and they were NOT rated "M" for "Mature", and I did NOT wake up all disappointed to find out they were only dreams.

I did NOT emcee our "fair" activity Saturday at church and we did NOT have judging on certain events such as butter sculpting, art, and cake decorating. And I certainly did NOT have fun stuff like Ice Cream Eating Contests either. The little kids did NOT enjoy the Leap Frog Competition so much that it did NOT make the older kids want to do one too! I did NOT allow the teenagers to play Leap Frog which was NOT so totally funny! We did NOT have a good turn out and a good time was NOT had by all.

I did NOT go to Big-D's house and he did NOT pull boxes out of his attic left by previous owners. I did NOT rummage through the boxes and I did NOT discover a Vintage GumBall Machine (NOT still containing 1 gumball), some old coins, and a $2-bill from 1976. I also did NOT open a box that was NOT filled with Love-Letters and a Journal. Of course because I am NOT nosey and I do NOT love a good Love-Story, I did NOT start reading the letters out-loud. We did NOT end up spending over two hours in that room reading the letters. It was NOT better than any TV show. And I certainly did NOT ask Big-D if I could keep the letters and Blog about them. He did NOT suggest we first try to find the couple online. Therefore we did NOT go downstairs and do a search and we did NOT find the hubby on Facebook. I did NOT send him a message. I am NOT sort of hoping he doesn't respond as I certainly would NOT want to have to keep the steamy letters and blog about them.

So... what did you NOT do last week?


okeydokeyifine said...

Me? I did not get sick and did not miss a day of work. I also did not make an oatmeal cake that did not go flat for who knows what reason, but it still did not taste bad, especially when you do not put vanilla icecream on it. I did not hybernate in my bed so I would not get better. I also did not let the children go in the pool when the temp in the yurt was not 113 and the water 68 degrees. The children did not shiver when they got out of the pool, and did not go in again when their mother got home from work. I did not eat two helpings of the oatmeal-ice cream combo yesterday. And I don't plan on eating amy now once I am off the internet. I am not glad you had a nice activity. I am not glad to hear you found the owners of the letters and do not look forward to seeing the tale on the blog. I did not love you as a child and do not love you as an adult. And I do not miss seeing you. I do not look forward to seeing you this summer.

Cindy said...

You were a very good girl!
(.. on not losing 1.1 lbs...)
I did NOT gain weight last week.


RhondaLue said...

I did NOT skip the adult meeting for Stk Conference because I did NOT have an achy back and DEFINITELY not a totally bummed out and overwhelmed feeling all day. I did NOT cart children around all night instead...NOT taking them to various activities.

I did not stay in such a mood most of Sunday. And I definitely did NOT love falling into my bed and staying there as long as humanly possibly.

I do NOT already look forward to hitting the hay TONIGHT. and I definitely do NOT have a thousand things to get done today. I do NOT need to refocus on my blessings and get over myself!

Congrats on not losing pounds! wow!

Susie said...

I did not sleep in late everyday last week. My husband wasn't on vacation and that would have been irresponsible:-)

Ruthykins said...

i did NOT feel embarrassed when mom came to my house and did NOT find it a huge mess. i also did NOT talk to mattie on facebook last week and i certainly did NOT ask him how he knew you. i did NOT eat a donut that brought back nostalgic feelings of home. and finally, i definately did NOT go to church yesterday in a completely pissy mood. sorry for that last one. i just can't think of a different word than pissy. put out is just not enough. nor disappointed.

Kaye Butler said...

Me? I did NOT have a cold all week long. I did NOT have to explain what a whore was to my kids because one of them was being called that all week long. I did NOT have dish out a spanking this weekend to Taylor. She did NOT fight the spanking. I did NOT throw a hissy fit this morning I am more mature than that.

Ask me again. I dare you.

I did NOT eat a whole bag of reduced fat baked ruffles.

Kaye Butler said...

I am so NOT sending you congratulations on NOT losing 1.1 lbs, so there. I'm NOT excited for you.

Kaye Butler said...

Oh, that made me feel a lot better. I may have enjoyed that way too much.

RhondaLue said...

p.s. do NOT mix powdered milk with HOT water so it mixes better.

Do NOT play around with it to make it yummier. Like do NOT add a dash of vanilla or cremora if you're NOT going to be drinking it straight.

p.s. I am NOT walking around the house in only a big t-shirt today. I'm NOT hot from baking all morning and I'M NOT trying to save money on the electric bill by keeping the house feeling like a toaster. I'm just NOT.

greenolive said...

I did not take the boys to baseball practice twice last week. And I was so not proud of them. I did not help put a hot air balloon up and I certainly did not chase it all over town like a giddy little school girl. I did not make a complete pig of myself at an amish dinner. And I did not pig out again the next day on the leftovers.

Puphigirl said...

I did not burn off my finger tips because I did not touch the hot muffler on the lawnmower

Vickie said...

Hey, Good job on the weight lose!

I did NOT hog it up like Easter. I did NOT gain 3 more pounds.

"The Queen in Residence" said...

I did NOT do the same load of laundry three times because it got forgotten and I certainly did NOT steal all the Babe Ruth candy bars from my friends candy dish.

Megan said...

Wow you did NOT do a lot more than me last week!

I get teary-eyed while I'm watching certain stories on the news, while working out, too. lol Glad I'm not the only one!

Sorry last week was so stressful for you. It's during those times that you (general you) always think of the other jobs you *could* have.

LOL at your Facebook comments. Too funny!

heehee Love the "mature" type of dreams.

The fair sounds fun, as well as rummaging through the old love letters! =D