Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kissing Burns Calories

It's true. Kissing Burns Calories. According to "studies" (y'know, tested, tried & proven studies), Hugging & Kissing burns about 68 calories.

I did the math. That means I would have to engage in kissing for nearly 4 hours to work off 1 regular size Snickers Bar. I laughed when I read that. I told Big-D that if he was really supportive of my goal, then...er...um... hehehe. No pain, no gain, right?

So, in my research of "activities that burn calories" here is just a sampling of what I have learned: [cph=calories per hour]

50 cph - Sleeping for 8 hours
68 cph - Hugging & Kissing
68 cph - Praying (while kneeling)
102 cph -Sitting while Talking on the phone
102 cph - Playing board/card games
102 cph - Typing (including Blogging, which means I am burning calories as we speak!)
136 cph - Casual/Slow Walking (less than 2 mph)
156 cph - Grocery Shopping
170 cph - Playing the piano (or organ)
238 cph - Vacuuming
258 cph - Walking at "brisk" pace (3.5 mph)
306 cph - Weeding
408 cph - Swimming (leisurely, for "fun")
544 cph - Synchronized Swimming (good reason to join the "team", right?)
748 cph - Fast, vigorous Swimming
918 cph - Running (8 mph)

To check out more activities Click Here - Activity Counter

So, I've reviewed all of the listed activities and decided that I definitely need to add more Kissing, more Talking on the phone, more blogging, and more piano practice. All of these things can only add to my work-out experience, right?

Oh - and I suppose it is true that running is the fastest way to burn calories. Guess I will keep working on that one too!


Megan said...

Heehee Sure! Might as well. Kissing is fun, too. ;0)

Cindy said...

Oooh, wait till I tell my hubby :)

greenolive said...

So how much does cleaning up after small children burn?

debilyn said...

what a great list!

I wonder how many calories road rage burns??!

Debbi said...

If just kissing is burning calories, I sure had a lot of good calorie burning this weekend! *tee hee! :D

Jennifer Rae said...

Emma, You are so smart!

okeydokeyifine said...

don't lie when you can sit
don't sit when you can stand
don't stand when you can walk
don't walk when you can run

Good words of advice I heard a long time ago.

Heh, and how about parking the farthest from the door at work or at a store. The hubby likes to do that one.

The Willeyes said...

So, are you going to start a ticker for the calories your burning by kissing:)

Ruthykins said...

i can definately talk on the phone more. i should vacuum more.

Ashley said...

Good to hear that typing burns calories. In that case, I have a very 'active' job. Hehe!

Also, I'm glad to see running is the fastest way to burn calories but I don't think I'm running an 8mph pace. That is a 7.5 minute per mile pace. I wish I was running that fast!

Betty said...

I´m not running that´s for sure! But I like that swimming burns a lot of calories.
Interesting list! :)
Thanks for linking to my cell phone post! It was a spur of the moment post, and they are usually the best received... :)

Susie said...

Ok!! I am working out right now!! I feel the burn:-)

stephsidestory said...

Oh my gosh! Too funny. I guess I'd better get started on my kiss-a-thon.

Blue Castle said...

Blogging burns calories! Hip-hip-hooray! But, why aren't I skinny yet???? :)

Puphigirl said...

There isn't a break down comparing calories burned during kissing and passionately kissing? I would think the elevated heartrate would do something.