Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Non-Post Post

I have so many posts I am working on. Non ready for today, however. I know - sad. I have been kicking my work-outs up a notch. Same 3 miles, but working harder at them, trying to increase speed, decrease time, add strength training every other day plus a 5-10 mile bike "ride" 1-2 times per week. And y'know what? I am TIRED! Whew.

Ergo, today is a Non-Post Post. Tomorrow we will be back to our regularly scheduled bloggy-program.

Here's my to-do list for the next few days.

  • take out "junk" to curb for neighborhood clean-up (has to be done tonight. they come tomorrow @ 8am!)
  • clean house
  • organize bedroom
  • get more laundry done (kids have been helping with this as their "spring break chore")
  • spend time with sis's family for Easter. (gotta sink my teeth into somma that hammy!)
  • fill in the gaps with flirts, giggles, and my usual shenanigans (my co-workers tell me that the "substitute" FedEx guy may have dropped a hint yesterday... mmm... men in uniform...)

'nuff said. What are y'all doing for Easter this weekend? Big plans? No plans?


Du and MJ said...

Dustin thought camping would be a good idea. Sorry for him, but this is the weekend we spend with family. Saturday is spent with his family and Sunday with mine. Easter egg hunts, fun, and food.

Debbi said...

mmmmmm Fed-Ex boys. yumyum

Ruthykins said...

just going to nursemom's for an easter egg hunt and maybe coloring eggs. that's on saturday. on sunday, going to the in-laws and eating ham. why is there always ham on easter?

Susie said...

Good luck on that to do list:-) We have a big weekend planned: hubby's birthday and Easter! Yahoo!

RhondaLue said...

Honestly I haven't thought that far ahead. I'm just trying to get through the next two days. too much on the list! I'd better get to the store before all the hams are sold out eh? lol

Oh and men in uniform..mmm mmm MMM!
Bow chicka wah waaaahhhh!

purplehaze said...

Well I am on vacation with the kids and hubby!! Or I should say staycation! We are hoping to have our oldest son come over for ham. Ruthykins some people have leg of lamb for Easter! Not everyone likes it so I think most people just go for the ham. I know in my family everyone likes it so I know it will be eatten! Happy Easter!

EmmaP said...

true. i have done other things besides ham. i have done, potroast, pork loin roast, succulent short ribs, and even salmon. yes, i said salmon. reminds me of the episode on Everyboy Loves Raymond! when deborah tries to serve salmon for thanksgiving or easter or something. it was great!

Carol said...

I was exhausted just reading about your exercise shenanigans.

Ashley said...

Lunch with the family but that is about it. We have lots of things to get done around our house so hopefully it will be a productive weekend.

Vickie said...

Good job with the exercising!

I have a teeny crush on our UPS guy. He is always so nice to me:)

We are going to both sets of parents house for Easter. Even though we are going to both for dinner and dessert, they both still gave guilt trips.

Ham sounds so good, especialy honey baked ham. Yummalicious!

Emily said... in uniform!!!!