Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You Don't See That At the Gym!

Lately, I've had this eerie feeling; like I'm being followed. And it was happening everywhere. Home. Work. Church. You name it and I've sensed it happening. Pretty much the only time I didn't feel that way was when I was driving or sleeping!

Anyway - it creeped me out so much, the hairs on the back of my neck started to stand up. My pulse would race. I could feel my heart pounding through my chest. Finally, I had enough. I wanted to try to catch this so-called prowler and tell him to knock it off. Quit Following me!

So, just the other day, I was walking around the grocery store, picking up this and that. Just as I turned the corner into the frozen food section, I felt it. Like a cold breath on the back of my neck. It felt like someone was walking right on my heels! They/he/she/it was SO CLOSE. I turn around. No one. I turn back the other way. Nothing. Finally, I do a 360 while catching a glimpse of my reflection in the glass freezer doors!

You won't believe what I discovered! In all actuality, no one was following me at all. Fact is - It was my butt! It had gotten bigger! Can you believe that? When the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks did that happen?

I decided to tell this "thing" to get off my butt - literally. Last year I waited till spring to start my outdoor hikes/walks/runs. Not this year. I could not put it off another day.

I decided to get my ear warmers on, my long running pants, jacket and gloves and hit the hills. So I did. As usual, my boyfriend, John Mayer came with me via the iPod. He's a great work-out buddy. Also, I can sing all of his heart-ache, dealing-with-break-up songs in my head... Gosh, he just gets me! I digress.

Anyway, never mind the fact that I get Bronchitis every year as soon as the inversion hits. Never mind that I haven't slept for days and should instead be napping. Never mind that it is COLD!!! I don't care whether or not Punxatawney Phil saw his freakin' shadow or not. I had to get out there.

My friend asked me why I just don't join a gym; then I could run all year long. I have belonged to gyms in the past. I really love the machines, free weights and classes. I don't really know if I am working the right stuff to the right capacity or weights, but I enjoy it. However for cardio - I do NOT enjoy treadmills and the like. Why? I dunno... let me muse that over for a sec. [dee dee doo da, dee dee dum. dee dee do da, dee! dee, dee-dee dee-dee...] Ok, I think I've figured it out.

If I run on a treadmill, I get bored. Sure I can bring my iPod. I could watch the wall mounted TVs. I could even people-watch. But the point is, I'm not going anywhere. I know - that is the whole point of "stationary". I realized tonight on my run that I love running out doors for many reasons.

I love the fresh air. And where I run - I love the view. Plus, at the gym on a treadmill, I give up too easily. About 10 minutes shy of my goal, I think, "Ah! That's good enough!" and I get off the machine. On the contrary, when I run outdoors, I park at one end of my route or trail. I walk/run to my halfway point. Then I turn around and come back. See - there is no bailing out ten minutes early. I HAVE to go back to my car. Otherwise, I can't get home. So - for me, this works.

Tonight's run was good for me, especially for a winter run. First of all, I only did 3 miles. Secondly, I actually only ran about 1 of the 3 miles and walked the other 2. Oh well... baby steps, right? Besides, I didn't get fat overnight, so I shouldn't expect to lose it all over night either, right?

Here are some pics from my run. Like, tell me you're ever gonna see these at the gym! (sorry for the graininess...these are from my phone, and with the inversion they are not that clear.)

The Bountiful Temple. This is close to where I park. So, I start off seeing this and it's what I come back to at the end.
Something about being in the mountains makes me feel empowered.
Like, literally, I am "on top" of the world.

Then, when I near the top, I can see practically the entire valley below.

But the highlight of this particular run... was the family of deer.

I'm never gonna see these types of "young bucks" at the gym. And trust me... comparatively speaking, I'd rather see these some days!

What about you? What motivates you to exercise? What type of exercise do you enjoy most and why?


Anonymous said...

I'm jealous of your pics from your walk/run!

Dang-3 miles, even if you didn't run it all is good!

You are hilarious-butt following you!

Yeah, we don't do gyms for the same reasons.

Two Blessings From Above said...

Those pictures are amazing. I too hate treadmill walking, but love to walk outdoors. 3 miles to start that too is amazing! Your post had me laughing.
Have a good week.

greenolive said...

Now I know why you won't move here. I would love to see that everyday.

RhondaLue said...

WOW! Good for the body AND the soul with those surroundings. wow.

Ronnica said...

Thanks for the shout out to my Book Nook blog!

ann said...

Well I'm not a gym type person as well but a new gym that we tryed out this last weekend has great big windows to lok out so it doesn't feel like you stuffed in side.... cuz I hate that as well!!! On the down side people can watch you as they are driving by! Not so sure about that ether. SO we will see!

As for the pictures: They are making me miss living out west! Thanks for those!

Kaye Butler said...

Doctor said "Kaye you are going to have a heart attack."

That pretty much motivated me.

Susie said...

You are definitely not going to feed your spirit like that in the gym!!

andrew's mom said...

The scenery is so picturesque it almost inspired me to go for a run myself-but then I remembered I have 80 pounds of boobage strapped to my chest so I sat back down on the couch.
p.s. HIS LOSS!

Tulsi said...

I miss seeing deer. When we lived in Fillmore they were all over town, day and night. We all joked that they used the cross walks. They did. We would see dozens of them in our yard. I loved the deer pic's. Great view to leave from and get back to.

Ronnica said...

I don't like running outside because it's hard on my legs. I don't like running inside because, like you said, it's pretty boring. I do like to swim laps in the pool. It's not hard on the body, the water keeps you from sweating, and the water also helps block out the rest of the world.