Thursday, February 19, 2009

Theme Party Thursday: Tinkerbell/Fairy Party

Ok - I will start by saying I've never done a Fairy or Tinkerbell Party, but my sister wanted ideas for her daughter who loves Tinker Bell. These ideas are mostly with her age group in mind. So, here goes...

Invites: Google "Tinker Bell" for some clip art. Or get some Tinker Bell paper and embellishments from your local scrapbook store. Ideas for wording:

Think of the happiest things-
It's the same as having wings!
So take a peek through our gate
Join Tinker Bell to celebrate
[child's name]'s Birthday with fairies galore
Take the 2nd star to the right; see what's in store!
At [Last name]'s Neverland
[Date, time]
Regrets Only, [ph #]

[If you want them to come dressed in their own fairy costumes, then add the following:]

*Please come dressed in your 'Fairy' best!

Coloring Pages: Check for "tinker bell coloring pages" in google images and you can find tons of pages to print. Let the guests color while waiting for everyone else to arrive.
Fairy Station: Let each of the guests put on a little glitter lotion and maybe some lip gloss at this station. If you have enough adult helpers, you could even have someone paint their nails with glitter nail polish. If you are going to provide the fairy skirt for them, this is a good place to for the guests to pick them up. (Even though I never had this party for my daughter, I have made her these skirts before. They are EASY!) If the guests are older, then they can make their own skirts as one of the activities.
No-Sew Fairy Skirts: First, get a package of the Thin Stretch Elastic Head bands from Wal-Mart or Target. These headbands are usually the perfect sizes for little girls' waists. They look like this:
Have strips of tulle or ribbon for the next part. I cut about 20 strips, 40" long for each skirt. Then simply tie the ribbon at the halfway point around the head band. This is the expensive part. So, look for ribbon/tulle on sale or go to a fabric warehouse where you might be able to get it cheap. I did hot-glue the craft gems at the bottom of each ribbon. However, if I had it to do over, I wouldn't bother, as the more she played with it, the more they just popped off anyway.
Once everyone has their fairy skirts, be sure to take a group picture.
Crocodile Hunting: These are so cute and go along with the Peter Pan movie. Gather several hinged clothes pins ahead of time and spray-paint them green. For added effect, glue googly-eyes on them. These are the crocodiles. Then in each of the crocodile's mouth place a little prize, like perhaps a fairy sticker. Just make it something cheap and light-weight. The crocodiles are then placed into a bin or basket. Make a homemade fishing rod out of a dowel and some string. At the end of the string attach a magnet. The magnet should be heavy enough to attract the metal on the clothespin. Allow each guest a turn to go Crocodile Hunting for a prize.
Fairy Bubble Tag: Play some music from the Peter Pan sound track during this game. The person who is "it" gets to try to "Tag" the other kids by blowing bubbles on them. If a bubble lands on someone, they are the new "it". Take enough turns so everyone has a chance to be "it".
Captain Hooks Treasure Hunt: Have a "treasure chest" full of "jewels" (aka, candy bracelets or candy necklaces) and explain that Captain Hook has stolen the jewels and you need their help to find them. Then, make 5 or 6 clue cards leading up to the hiding place. For younger aged children, the clue cards should just be simple pictures. For example, Card #1 could be a picture of the fridge. The guests then race to the fridge and find clue card #2, which is a picture of a closet, etc. Use easy things like the Tub, the Stove, the Dryer, the TV, the Toy Box etc. For older kids, use rhymes or riddles.
Food: Any finger food will do here. Petit Fours stacked into layers would be really cute in place of a traditional cake. My daughter saw some petit fours in a magazine and begged to have them for her "Little Ladies Luncheon" birthday party a few years ago. Instead, I bought the Little Debbie pastel pink heart snack cakes, unwrapped them and layered them onto my tiered cupcake stand. She never knew the difference, and I had cake for 20 people for about $3! I just put a single candle in the one on the top for her to blow out. You could also serve "Fairy Wands", which are pretzel rods dipped in chocolate and then sprinkled with confections.
Party Favors: If you do the fairy skirts, that is the main party favor. Also, keep in mind they will have the treat from the scavenger hunt and the toy or sticker from the crocodile game. BUT - these are so cute too. And they make a great centerpiece during the party. Get the Jumbo size pixie sticks. Then use foil craft paper or yellow craft foam and cut into stars. Write each guest's name on them and add a little extra ribbon. Put them in a vase during the party, and then each guest can take hers when she goes home.


Cindy said...

I was able to pass along more of your ideas to my sister, this past weekend. She will absolutely love this idea too!

TravAndToni said...

Great ideas! I'm a sucker for the theme parties as well. I hate having older kids! I never got my pirate party. Every year I tried to convince my kids... but no, every year he came up with a "great idea". I've told the children that since neither of them let me do a pirate party, I want a pirate funeral when I go!

Susie said...

You are so cute:-)

Ruthykins said...

these are great! i especially love the pixie sticks wands. also the pretzel wands. i didn't even think those skirts would be headbands. emmy has one somewhere with little rosettes on the bottom, but of course they are constantly coming off. love the crocodile game. sounds easy enough to do. i'll have to see if i can pull off b-day parties this year.

Gina Guillotine said...

What great ideas!

We're going to have a fairy party this year, and I had some ideas percolating already, and your blog suggestions are fabulous additions!

thanks for making this post!