Saturday, January 24, 2009

How-To Schedule Your Blog Posts

Ok, I've had a few questions on how to schedule blog posts, why I do it, and what are the benefits of doing it. So, here is a boring-but-informational blog post on the how-to's & why's of scheduling blog posts. Others have asked for ideas on formats for Blog Topics.

Keep in mind that I use blogger, so I only know how to do this for blogger. I know nothing about wordpress or other blogging sites out there.

When you are typing up a new post, notice just under the body of the text, on the left-hand side it says "Post Options". This is to the left of where you can input your "Labels for this post".

Click on Post Options. A drop-down menu will appear. You can change the option to allow readers to comment or not. You can also change when you would like this post to publish. You can even determine the time you would like it to publish.

If it is something that you are working on, but not ready to publish, simply click on the "save now" button. But if you have everything ready to go, select your date and time and click on "publish post".

Now go back to the "Posts" tab and click on "Edit Posts". You will see that your post is scheduled. Pretty cool, huh?

I always set mine to post at 12:01 am.

Now on to the Why's of scheduling posts. I can only answer this for myself. Here are the benefits to me for scheduling posts.

Thoughts/Ideas for good posts will come to me at random. I will start writing them and then click on "save now" to keep in draft form. It may take me several days for one post. On the other hand there are days when I get so many ideas, I have to start drafting them all so I won't forget. I use the weekends to work on, polish and refine my drafts. Then I can set them up to publish throughout the week. Then when the week arrives, I can sit back and enjoy reading and commenting on everyone else's blog. I really think this is a good method for those of us who like to blog a lot, but don't have tons of time during the day to devote to it.

For some people I know it helps to do certain themes certain days of the week. This helps them know what they want to post. For example, here are ideas some of my bloggy friends use in their blogs:

Monday - post about the previous weekend.

Tuesday - "Tuesday Tips" for household tips. or "Try it Tuesday" for new recipes. Another one does "Tackle-it Tuesday" and shows off her before & after pics of a home project, even if it is something simple like reorganizing a storage closet.

Wednesday - "Wordless Wednesdays" are just to post a simple photo you took or one that inspires you. Another friend does "Wednesday on a Whim" to post funny things she finds on the web.

Thursday - Funny...I don't think any of my bloggy friends have a Thursday theme. At least not that I can think of off hand. Perhaps a "Thinking Cap Thursday" where you discuss something that's on your mind.

Fridays - I have seen "Foto Fridays" "Festive Fridays" "Fun Fridays" and "Family Fridays."

I myself, don't really follow a theme because my thoughts tend to be more random than that. Anyway, good luck with your posts, and let me know if you like the scheduler. I know I do.



visted fist 4 uu, nice and smile 4uu, Thanks for info .

Vickie said...

I never knew you can schedule your posts. How cool! Thanks for the info!

Susie said...

Great information for bloggers. Like you, I do all my writing on the weekends so I can enjoy other's throughout the week. I also subscribe to the theme week thing. It helps to organize my thoughts. Whatever works, right?

You are right...there really isn't a theme for Thursday so, I made my own...Gardening Thursday. In the spring, I am going to try Mr. Linky to see what other people's gardens look like too:-)

TravAndToni said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! One baby step at a time... I will glean all the info you have that I don't!

Yaya said...

Yup, I do the same thing some weeks, so then when I come home from work I can focus on reading others' blogs rather than doing my own blogging. And then if something brilliant comes to mind I can always post that as well! I do mine for 12:01 too although I'm thinking of making it more like 6 am so I'm higher up on ppl's blog reader since it goes most recent first.

Debbi said...

I always schedule posts. I'm totally the same, but I don't 'time' them. IT's whatever time I started the post. Usually 6 something AM.

I love scheduling, but I love being random.

Monday- random, Tuesday-tunes (something music related), Wednesday- W's (who, what, where..ect), Thursday- Truthful Thursday, Friday- random.

I don't do these every week. But if I'm stuck, they're my 'go-to's.

Cindy said...

You are so awesome for teaching this to everyone. I do Thursday Tales instead of Wordless Wednesday...but you knew that, lol

Two Blessings From Above said...

Thanks! I just learned something, great post.

lilianril said...

I like to take photos of things I want to blog about, then when I have time I load the photos onto my computer, write up the blog post, and schedule it to post for later. I always have my camera with me, but not my computer.

Ronnica said...

I schedule posts for the same reason you do. I get in post writing moods and will write several posts at a time. When I don't already have a post written for the next day, I get a little antsy.

readyornot said...

this is a great idea. im going to start scheduling posts. awesome blog :-)