Friday, December 5, 2008

A Game of Tag ala Bookworm!

How about a game of Tag for today's Festive Friday with Fun on the Blog!

Here is how to play:

1. Open the book closest to you, not your favorite or most intellectual book, but the book closest to you at the moment.

2. Turn to page 56....

3. Write out the fifth sentence, as well as the two to five sentences following.

(I am at work, and the ONLY book I have here is "The Great Divorce" by C.S. Lewis.)

'Not at the moment,' said the Hard-Bitten Ghost. 'But I never saw one of those bright mornings that didn't turn to rain later on. And, by gum, when it does rain here! Ah, you hadn't thought of that? It hadn't occurred to you that with the sort of water they have here every raindrop will make a hole in you, like a machine-gun bullet. That's their little joke, you see.

So, there you have it. Sort of fun, eh? I love things taken out of context sometimes. (whew! It's a good thing the 'closest' book wasn't some smut-romance book!)

Ok - You're Turn! Tag, you're it! Let me know if you plan to play, and I'll be over to check your blog! Or, you can just post the lines from p. 56 of your closest book here in the comment forum - heck it might even be more fun that way! Can't wait!


okeydokeyifine said...

On the contrary, I believe when we study who Jesus hung out with while he was on earth, we find that He was quite down-to-earth and expressed a wide range of emotion

Let's take, for example, the emotion of feeling, say...mischievously generous. As you recall, Jesus was the go-to guy when the wine ran out at the wedding feast: "What? We mustn't run out of wine before it's time!" He must have empathized, realizing the celebration was in jeopardy of ending prematurely. Then, I imagine, with a twinkle in His eye, He feigned conservative restraint and said, "That's okay. Could you just bring me a hundred gallons of water instead?"

TravAndToni said...

Woot! You've seen my house, you know we love books. EXCELLENT choice for Fun Friday! I'm currently pecking my way through the Time Magazine's Top 100 Novels Written in the English Language Since 1923 (or is it 1932?) list, so I always have a book close at hand... although I have to be honest, the very closest book to me is my Geology textbook, as my final exam is today. So, I'm bending the rule and using the second closest - this is from The Adventures of Augie March by Saul Bellow:

"During my worst difficulties with the old lady he'd be stiff and keep a distance, but then he'd also tell me that I could expect him to help me out of real trouble as long as I was reasonably deserving. He didn't like to see my bubble-headed friends get me in dutch. Yes, he had a sense of duty toward me, and toward George too. I couldn't say he was being hypcritical about George."

Two Blessings From Above said...

Sounds like a fun Festive Friday. I like the idea of the to do list you have on your site too.
Have a good weekend.

debilyn said...

normally i don't like to be "it" in a game of tag, because i don't run very fast...but this is fun!!

appropriately enough, (and i SWEAR i'm not making this up), the book closest to me at this moment is "The IT Girl's Guide to Blogging with Moxie" goes:

"If this all sounds like a foreign language, just stick with the basic default settings until you're more comfortable.
PICK NEW TEMPLATE: If you're over it or the look you chose initially doesn't fit your personality and you want to trash it, never fear! You can select Pick New Template from the Layout area of your Blogger Dashboard and change your duds in a click. (You never wear the first thing you put on before you go out, right?)"

(yes, people, i am officially a geek!)

Kaye Butler said...

Antihem orrhidal, 1. effective against hemorrhids. 2. a drug or agent that prevents or relieves hemorhoids.

Antihidrotic, diminishing the secretions of sweat, an agent that lessens perspiration.

Blakiston's Medical Dictionary

I'm at work, so I use it when I'm completing a death certificate.

Ruthykins said...

"But at least we're safe. For the present anyway."
"Yes." She rubbed the rock with the toes of her sandal. 'It's coral, isn't it?"
"I suppose so." As with many others, the sun-drenched coral islands of the Pacific had formed a staple part of my earlier reading diet, but when I incautiously sat down to take the weight off my feet and stock of the situation my youthful enthusiasms vanished pretty rapidly.

it's from "the Black Shrike", it's a spy novel that i just finished about an hour ago.

Amy said...

This is fun.........The book the closest to me is Breakin Dawn.

Pg 56 line 5;
He was no better at it that I was, so we moved safely from side to side in a tiny square formation. Edward and Esme spun around us lie Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. "I'm going to miss you at home, Bella, I'm already lonely" I spoke through a tight throat, trying to make a joke of it. "I feel just horrible, leaving you to cook for yourself-its's practically criminal negligence. You should arrest me."

Tamie said...

hmmm...i'm actually reading the novemeber ensign right now---so you're gonna get some inspiration from this girl! :)

"They accomplished together what none of them could have accomplished alone.
That is a lesson for us, brethren of the priesthood. When we stand close together and lift where we stand, when we care more for the glory of the kingdom of God than for our own prestige or pleasure, we can accomplish so much more."

lilianril said...

I'll play!

Vickie said...

First, there is a blogging book!? It is my new additction, I have got to find this book.

"A Family Christmas" By Caroline Kennedy, well she just selected the stuff to be put in the book.

Santa Claus is comin' to town.
He's making a list
and checking it twice,
Gonna find out who's naughty and nice:
Santa Claus is coming' to town.

I guess it is a book of Christmas tradition and poetry. I only bought it because it was her and my book club was gonna charge me for a fee, if I bought one or not.

KSPARKE said...

Sorry, the closes book to me is "The Speed of Trust" no smut here but here is the 5th sentence and then some.

"In the following chapters, as we look at each core in depth, we will consider the impact of not having that particular core. We will also consider the impact of having that core, but not the other three.
Many of the people you interact with at this point willnot recognize these vital 4 Cores of Credibility as parts of the greater whole. They won't realize hat your credibility has four dimensions and that you can rate high in some and low in others."

Pretty exciting!!

mydogumentary said...

I've done this and I'm always at work when I'm blogging so it was some stupid book at work. It was about ancient Chinese traditions or something. Weird! Yours is MUCH better!

Carol said...

Randomly Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was nearest by.

Voldemort was flying like smoke on the wind, without broomstick or thestral to hold him, his snake like face gleaming out of the blackness, his white fingers raising his wand again-

purplehaze said...

The book nearest to me happens to be the one I am currently reading which is Lee Child "Die Trying".

page 56 line 5 is: He had no watch and no windows,but he was certain it was not yet morning. He was certain he had another hour. Maybe two.But he could hear noise. People moving on the street outside.

I guess that is longer than just line five, but fun anyway.

P.S. Tell nursemom hi for me and have blessed time with your family!

andrew's mom said...

I played Emma! Come see.