Saturday, November 1, 2008

To & Fro with Pictures & Fro's!

Friday, 7pm.
LittleDuckling: Mom, I have picture day coming up. You need to fill the form out and write a check.
Me: Ok. Put the paper on table by the front door so I will remember when I see it. (needless to say - it did not get done.)

Monday, 8:15 am. Dropping kids off at school.
Me: Why are you taking the "Fro" wig to school?
LittleDuckling: Cuz I'm gonna wear it.
Me: Why?
LittleDuckling: Cuz Halloween is coming and we are allowed to.
Me: Weird. Whatever. Have a good day! (i continue to drop off kids and head to work)

Monday, 8:40 am. Cell phone rings. It is the school.
Me: Hello?
LittleDuckling: Mom. Picture Day is TO-DAY! and you NEED to come and fill out my paper and bring a check.
Me: Crap! Serious? Ok - I'll be there in a sec. What shirt do you have on?
LittleDuckling: My Blue Arizona one.
Me: Well, I'll go home and grab a nice sweater too. Oh - and shall I grab a brush for your hair? Does it look messed up from the wig?
LittleDuckling: Oh. That. Um...I'll just wear the Fro for the picture.
LittleDuckling: Hang on. I gotta say the "pledge".

[pause for recitation of "The Pledge of Allegiance"]

LittleDuckling: I'm just going to wear the Fro in the picture.
Me: Over my dead body, you will! You're not wearing that in the picture.
LittleDuckling:Why not?
Me: Because I said so.
LittleDuckling: Mom. Please. Just let me wear it.
Me: I am not going to pay for school pictures to have you wearing some Fro wig! If you wear that in the picture, I will kill you! Do you understand?
LittleDuckling: Fine. Bring a brush.

What on earth was he thinking??? I was telling this to Big-D, who (like a boy) replies, "That's Awesome!" in between breathless laughter. He points out, "Can't you just see it now? His class gets their class photo taken and he is wearing the Fro???" And of course LittleDuckling being the smallest kid in the class, would be on the front row!!!

Apparently when he arrived in class, the teacher asked if he planned to wear that in the picture, to which he replied, "yes". She followed up with, "Does your mother know you're wearing that?" To which he (honestly) replied, "Yes." But, she figured it out when she asked for his order form and it was completely blank. "Go call your mother," she said.

Thank you Mrs. Teacher! It's a good thing I HADN'T already filled that form out, or I'd be looking at a Kid-with-a-Fro in a few weeks.

Now, Rewind about 5 years ago...

FunnyMan was in 4th grade. His school had 2 picture days; 1 in the fall and 1 in the spring. This way you could see how much your child has "grown" in 6 months. Or as I like to put it- another way for the portrait studio to suck more money out of us. So, the one in the Fall is the traditional school photo shoot. The one in the Spring is "supplemental", and the kids are encouraged to bring props if they would like. Anyway - the pictures arrive a few short weeks later and FunnyMan is wearing SUNGLASSES!!! I asked him why on earth he would do that?

FunnyMan: Well - they told us we could bring props. I didn't really have any, and I thought these would look cool.
Me: But, I can't even see your face - I can't see what you look like!

The bad part is there were no retakes since it was a "supplemental" photo shoot. I sent the pictures back to the school, and refused to pay for them. I then asked myself, Why would the photographer allow such a thing? Perhaps they thought he was a blind kid.


Jennifer Rae said...

Seriously... you know that they get that from you. How can you even question why they would do that. A fro in a picture sounds like a perfectly good idea when you are at school and are getting all the attention from your teacher.

Carol said...

I am so thrilled that he ALMOST got away with wearing a fro wig in his school picture.

Too bad about the almost cos it would have made my day.

Tamie said...

you are one lucky momma!
and thank heavens for an on-the-ball teacher!

caron said...

Your kid sounds hilarious!

Ruthykins said...

i would have loved to've gotten a fro picture of that kid! i'm totally on his side on this one. although i wouldn't want my son to do that...

purplehaze said...

LOL to cute, he takes it honestly. I guess it is a good thing you didn't sign that paper!!

Susie said...

That is totally funny!! A fro!!

Du and MJ Webb said...

One thing that would have been funny if he did get the pics in the "fro" hair is that his own hair is so stick straight. Total opposites. Ha ha. We had a fun time with PPP the last couple of days. She had Aubs asking to make her own blog.

dddiva said...

LOL I hear you- but I would have loved to see the pics!

Anonymous said...

that is too funny! Can you imagine having him bring pictures home with a huge fro?? I love it! that makes me laugh!

"The Queen in Residence" said...

You know those guys/gals are just snapping the pictures as fast as they can. Somehow creative content has gone out the window. Last year both my kids picutres looked like someone had them lifting heavy objects, their faces are strained and even the neck veins are bulging. They are awful but I am all about the no-retake. If they want to smile goofy then we get to enjoy it till the next ones are taken. They smile real nice now.

PS - I am still trying to recover from the naked spiderman picture. That was truly disturbing.

Two blessings from above said...

That is funny! I am sure in 5 years that fro picture would have been one that would have put a smile on your face. It might have been hard to have it on display for the next year though.

Tulsi said...

This is to funny. Kass used to raise his eyebrows when he smiled. We would practice for a week before picture day. I think the first unraised eyebrow pic was 5th grade or so. I almost miss it.

RhondaLue said...

funny man is seriously FUNNY!

You know I wouldn't want my kid to wear the fro either but I can't help but laugh at the class pictures each year. Some kid is doing bunny ears or some goofy face. I always wonder if their mom yells at him/her (usually a HIM) of if she laughs at his goofiness. gotta love kids

Byde and Mel said...

Okay, I seriously can not stop laughing. Quiet "little d" in the front row with a giant fro:) Well you certainly would never have forgotten those fact the photographer probably would have permantly showed them in a flyer or something. Too funny, good thing his teacher caught on:) Thanks for the shout out by the way. Hope you had a great weekend!

Ronnica said...

What teacher would think that the child was supposed to wear a fro wig in the class picture?? Oh, but that's funny that he tried to get away with it!

Kaye Butler said...

Um, we forgot about picture day too. YARM13YOL had begged me for DAYS to let her wear her "Madonna" get up. So I did. Thinking, I'll out smart her, the kids will make fun of her and I can finally be rid of the "Madonna" wanna be...I even did her hair up 80's style, the side pony, teased out. Pink and blue eyeshadow. I picked her up from the sitter...she broke the news. Picture day, picture goes in the annual, no do-overs.