Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Name is Emma and I Love to Blog! (Hi Emma!)

So last week I did a post about funny Un-Inspirational and De-Motivational Posters (click HERE if you missed it). Anyway, after reading it Big-D tells me he has found the PERFECT De-Motivational Poster for ME from Here is what he showed me:

HAHAHA! ok - so I thought it was funny - though probably not as funny as he did.

It's ironic because a recurring theme in many bloggers' posts seems to be along the lines of "Why I Blog". So - I figured - why not? After a few short minutes of self-reflection (hey - I have a short attention span) here are MY REASONS -

Why I Blog:

1) I Self-Medicate. Some people self-medicate by drinking. Others by smoking, drugs, gambling, etc. I USED to self-medicate through retail-therapy. I was a regular at Tar-Jay. I'd go in for "milk" and 20 minutes and $200 later, I felt like a new woman. I became addicted to retail therapy; until I became a single mom. I no longer have that sort of "allowance" in my budget. So - I blog. I am addicted to blogging. It is self-medicating for me.

2) I NEED An Audience. It's true. I finally took a step and made a confession just the other day on the Blogstalker's sight. I AM A COMMENT WHORE JUNKIE! I guess I have always been a bit of an attention seeker - even as a child. I love to "perform". Of course, what's the use of having funny, clever or witty things to say if there isn't an audience - or worse, they don't "get it". Like at a party, I may throw out a quick-witted remark that just sails right over everyone's head. Then I am left feeling a) stupid or b) wasteful... I HATE wasting great one-liners! hahaha! At least in the Blogosphere, if someone doesn't get the humor, they can just leave. And those that do get it can comment. I LOVE Comments!!! It validates the things I am feeling or thinking. And I admit - all of your bloggy-comment-love boosts my confidence just a wee bit!

3) It's Cheaper Than Therapy. I suppose this is a little like #1, but anyway... Blogging for me is very therapeutic. It helps me take all of the ramblings from my mind and put them down "on paper". Then I can (try to) organize my thoughts, reorganize and even categorize them if necessary. This makes it very helpful for when I am ready to over-analyze them. And the comments from the "fans" help too, because it's free advice! And blogging actually helps relieve anxiety in my life.

4) I ENJOY IT! I enjoy writing. I enjoy storytelling. I enjoy laughing. I enjoy making others laugh. I enjoy "meeting" new people. I enjoy "performing". If I knew I could be good at it - I'd be a part-time stand-up comic and part-time writer. Blogging gives me a feeling that I have/can accomplish(ed) all of these.

5) BECAUSE I WANT TO and BECAUSE I CAN! Plain and simple. I like to do it, even if no one does read it. So there!

In fairness to Big-D, he wasn't putting me or my blog down; just a little teasing. He says though he doesn't understand my insatiable need to blog he understands that blogging does somehow fulfill a need for me. He even indulges me in reading it (well, perusing it) on an almost-daily basis. He is supportive of my blog-addiction and has even helped by pretending to pose for a pic while I was stealing a shot for the blog. In fact it's even his idea sometimes... "You'll want a picture of that for your blog!" hahaha!

Oh - And I should clarify that while I consider myself to be obsessed with blogging, I don't spend a whole heck of a lot of time at it. I "jot" things down in draft form as they occur to me or come to mind. Then usually once or twice a week I revisit all of the drafts, to see if they're gonna formulate into something or not. If so, the post goes on the "schedule" for the week. Usually by Sunday, I have a whole slew of posts ready to go for the week.

Your turn - why do YOU blog???


Allison said...

That poster cracks me up :) Found your blog via BATW...cute! Anxious to look around.

And to answer your question..I blog partly because I am SO far from home, friends, family and everything I blogging is a way for me to connect with everyone back in the states! It also helps me pass the time while my husband (in the military) works his ridiculous hours!

Jenn said...

Cute, and I blog to connect with other moms mostly . I live in a place where I don't know anyone so this is a way for me to talk to other adults during the day.

Just wanted to thank you for dropping by on my BATW tour, sorry I'm getting back to you so late.

Susie said...

I blog for business, therapy, an audience to my hobbies and motivation to clean my house:-) The friendships are the icing on the cake:-)

dddiva said...

Great post- The poster is hysterical. Sometimes I feel like that is me... who on earth would want to read about my boring life?
I started blogging because I had to tell/show so many people about the Disney Trip that I won and it was easier than figuring out how to do the pics on all the message boards or writing and emailing everyone seperately. ;)
I keep blogging because it is addictive and like you I love the comments.
Hi, my name is Sherry and I am addicted to comments. ;)

andrew's mom said...

Doesn't Big-D know about your legions of fans? I love reading your blog and I know I'm not the only one! I blog before I forget-with me forgetting is inevitable.

Anna said...

I blog-stalked and that was VERY enjoyable so I started my own blog and found out it is just as enjoybale, just in a different way. I still blog-stalk too... that fills a different void then blogging does... it's a 2 in 1 when I'm in the blogging universe. Just like you... it's theraputic, my husband dosen't really care about everything I do so I put it on my blog and people can take it or leave it. Plus, I feel like I am in some way documenting my kids lives, so, it will benefit them one day too.

Betty said...

I started to blog because we have many friends and family around the world (a daughter in Canada, a sister-in law in Germany, a sister in China and lots of friends in Canada). But they rarely comment and once I started getting comments from other people I have never met, it became more and more intriguing! I thrive on those comments now. But I do blog, also to journal about the "happenings" in our lives and what is on my mind.
I´m glad I found you through BATW!

RhondaLue said...

I blog because:

it's quicker and cooler than journaling. I still journal the very personal stuff but I like that I can get a book printed out and we will forever have our "year in pictures" (and words). Super cool (and not very expensive either)

also I blog because my friends and family will often ask "so what've you guys been up to lately?" I don't even know how to answer that. We've got 8 people living here and all doing different fantastic things (some not so fantastic like broken arms)...what HAVEN'T we done is a more appropriate question. But with the blog our family and friends can be in the know without me trying to trump up my memory to recount all the interesting (or not so interesting) stuff we've been up to. I can barely remember what day it is and what happened YESTERDAY.

It's also a way to get my feelings or thoughts out and people can take it or leave it.

kanaboke said...

hehehehe, simple, because I had so many friends begging me to...thus the Randomness of my blogging~! When should we do pics?

Blog Stalker said...

I blog because I can and I think I really like to get different or 'fresh' takes on things. I, like you, think I also need the audience, either to agree or disagree with me.

I too will think of topics throughout the day but rarely jot anything down. It's what I remember that gets turned into a blog post. If I could remember more, maybe I could post more, who knows?

Have a great day!

lilianril said...

Wait, wait, wait! "on the Blogstalker's sight". Isn't that the kind of thing that drives you crazy?

I would say I started because I watched you do it for so long, then decided it would be a good way to let family from all over know what's going on in our lives.

purplehaze said...

Well I only started blogging because to make comments on your blog you had to sign up! I love reading your blogs because they make me laugh and right now I need a good laugh! Thanks