Friday, October 10, 2008

Mmm-Hmm, You Know Dat's Fo' Real

REAL Major League Soccer, that is. So, Thursday night was Salt Lake Real's first game in their Brand New Stadium! Yea! Big-D scored some tickets for the game, which were pretty decent seats. It was my first LIVE major league soccer game, so I was pretty excited. Thought I'd share some of the evening's highlights with all of you in the Blogosphere, so here goes.

Before hand we were invited to a dinner by one of Big-D's corporate vendors. We had London Broil and some sort of fancy-schmancy Chicken & Penne pasta, along with some other sides and good dessert. The only bad part of the dinner was the sales rep was a "close" talker. I wanted to scream, You're in my personal space! Big-D told me afterwards that he really didn't even know what the guy was saying, cuz all he could see were the guys big lips in his face. But he was a nice guy. At the end of the dinner, they held a drawing and we won this Real hat. PrettyPrettyPrincess has already claimed it for herself.
Next we get to the game, and the stadium was really nice. It sure beats Rice-Eccles stadium where they had been playing all season. Oh and of course we had to get a Churro! mmmmm....
The game was good. The players got really intense, too. Not quite as bad as hockey, but more "in-your-face" than football, though the physical contact wasn't as much as either of those. It's just sort of funny to watch 'em get all riled up. Oh - there was an incident in which one of the players got kicked in the head - blood was drawn; oozing, dripping sort of blood. That got the fans all up in arms too! Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, so these pics from my phone will have to do. But no bleeding scalp pics - sorry!

Then, during half time, some guy proposed to his girl out on the field. She never did give a resounding "yes". Though, I suppose when she jumped up and down and practically knocked him over jumping into his arms, we all figured it was a yes.

The guy in white is down on one knee proposing. The girl facing his direction is in shock. She thought they were going to be part of the half-time contest. The two plebs behind them who are blocking the way of my camera are the two announcers coordinating the half-time contests. It was still sweet, and all of the spectators gave the appropriate "awwww".

Ok - so the girl in front of me was a Crack-Addict. How do I know??? Well, let's just say that EVERY TIME she stood up it was waaaaay obvious. After the second time of witnessing her shenanigans, I lean over to Big-D and tell him I'm gonna snap a pic for my blog. We're both laughing so hard, that when she did stand up with the crowd to jump up and down, it was hard to get a clear shot. But this is what I ended up with. Presenting Crack-Addict.

After snapping the pic, Big-D & I observe that it's too blurry. "What a BUM-mer!" Big-D states. "Maybe you'll get another CRACK at it soon!" But no such luck. The wind picked up a bit, and like myself, Crack-Addict wrapped herself up in a blankie.
Here we are in the stadium trying to stay warm! (notice our pink noses) Isn't Big-D so cute???

So here's to a good dinner followed by action, blood, drama, "crack" and staying warm at the game! A very eventful night, indeed!


Susie said...'s looks like you had a fun. Crack Addict and all:-)

Puphigirl said...

I'm glad you were able to cozy up and keep warm.

Blog Stalker said...

Soccer is a lot like hockey. Boring unless you are watching it live and then it can be intense.

Crack Addict? Funny......and I agree the jumping up and down seem an emphatic YES!

Have a great weekend!

RhondaLue said...

AWW such a cute pic! You guys look great together! is it serious? ;)

love the crack pic...those are priceless.

greenolive said...

Sounds like fun. I feel bad for the close talker. You always want to help them and fix them but you never know quite how to say it, so you say nothing. Well, I hope he didn't have bad breath too. You're pics were so great especially the last one. Aww.

RhondaLue said...

p.s. I had a friend growing up that'd always get in my space, very uncomfortable. If I stepped back this person would step forward. I couldn't get away!!! lol

I'm sorry you've got a poxer at your house right now! I hope she feels better soon!!

Willeyes said...

Sounds like a really great time...and i must guys make a REALLY cute couple. Glad you had fun:)

okeydokeyifine said...

Cold weather, warm blanket, hand check. Yeah, the good ole days.

(I make myself laugh at the thought of you reading that)

Nice photo of you and Big D.

Glad you had a nice time.

Meaghan said...

Your latest recipe looks sooo yummy! I will be trying it.


purplehaze said...

Looks like you had fun! You and Big-D make a cute couple! Oh man if that guy was in my space I would have told him, I hate that. I told a guy once "Look this is my space and that over there is yours, stay out of my space"!!

Mrs. S said...

this looks like you had so much fun. Don't you know those Crack Addicts are really slot machines & you should throw your pennies in there? ha!

AND Big A really likes to bake. I mean, loves it so much we contemplate opening a bakery. He's really good. Everything is always delicious & his cakes are super moist (apparently that's good). So he bakes & I decorate. It's fun.