Monday, October 13, 2008

Deal or No Deal?

I received this "offer" in my email a few days ago. I am sure we all get these from time to time. The sad thing is I knew a guy whose wife left him after he lost $35,000 "responding" to an email such as this. People - wise up! If it is too good to be true, than it probably is!

From: Mr David Frank [] Sent: Thursday, October 02, 2008 7:43 PMSubject: Mr David Frank

Mr David Frank
Chief investment Consultant,
Lloyds TSB Bank Plc,
Address:Box 1188, Station B
London, ON N6A 5K2
Phone Number +447045772600/447035932729
Fax Number +447005931590

Very Important

I am an investment consultant working with Lloyds TSB Bank Plc London, at their offshore department Box 1188, Station B ON N6A 5K2,London.I will be happy to work this deal out with you if we can do business.

During one of our peroidic auditing I discorved a dormant accounts with holding balance of One hundred and Forty Two Million United States Dollars (U.S.$142,000,000.00) which has not been operated for the past three years.As at this moment,I am constrained to issue more details about this business until your response is received.

I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible if you are interested,as well on replying send me the followings.
Beneficiary Name:...........
Account number..............
Bank Name:..................
Bank Address:...............
Swift Code:.................
Your Telephone No:..............for easy

Thank you for your time and attention.

Best regards,

Mr David Frank


Dear Mr. David Frank,

Though tempting as your offer may be, may I take a few moments to point out some major flaws in your proposition? Where to begin...

#1) You call yourself a Chief Investment Consultant. Okay - well a Chief Investment Consultant is the TOP advisor of a financial/investment firm who *manages* the other Investment Consultants. It would be very unlikely for a Chief Investment Consultant to make "cold calls" to potential leads (me). Instead they would normally defer that work onto the subordinates, while saving the high-profile, high producing clients for themselves. I know what you're gonna say... "But it;s $142Million!!!" Right. So, making cold calls makes more sense than contacting your VIP list? Uh-huh...not likely.

#2) "I will be happy to work this deal out with you if we can do business." ??? What is this about? First you say you wanna work out a deal, but then you say, "I am constrained to issue more details about this business until your response is received." The thing is how would I want to know if I wanted to work out a "Deal" with anyone unless they properly presented a good solid plan? AND it would be done in person, not via email.

#3) Hello? It's called SPELL CHECK!!! In this day and age (even in London-where I am sure you're not really from) an Investment Consultant would have to have at least a Bachelor's Degree in Finance, Business or Economics. I would even venture as far to say that the CHIEF Inv. Cons. would have either 15+ years experience OR a Master's Degree. Now correct me if I am wrong, but don't most graduates know how to spell/punctuate/use correct plurals or at least use spell check? Here are just a few of the errors... "peroidic", "discorved", "a dormant accounts", "as well on replying send me the followings". Not to mention the multiple times you did not put a space following the period at the end of most of your sentences.

#4) Oh sure, I'd be happy send you ALL of my personal Financial Information - NOT! No signatures or agreements or contracts or anything? I mean, after all, it's only a mere $142 mil, right?

So again, I thank you for taking the time to hand-select me -- little ol' me -- to work out this "deal" with. However, as you can see I have just proven you are full of - CRAP! So, go sell your lies elsewhere. I respectfully decline at this time.

And by the way, I have reported this scam to the appropriate authorities (click here) as I do all fraudulent email/phishing scams. It is my hope, Mr. Frank (if that is your real name), that you will make someone a nice girlfriend once you land your butt in jail.

Not Falling For It


Blog Stalker said...

It is scary how hard people are out there trying to steal your information. I see so much of this and tend to think,"how stupid do you think I am?" but they only need to snare less than 1% of everyone who gets those emails or phone calls or letters.

They put so much effort to cheat and steal from others it is pathetic. And there is little we can do except warn others. Good job getting this out there.

Have a great day!

Mrs. S said...

Oh I cannot stand emails like this. Or the ones I get from Viagra...I'm not a guy and I'm happy with my guy the way he is! Oh boy.

RhondaLue said...

I always laugh at all the errors they have in those emails!

I've been on the phone with the Federal Trade Commission reporting someone who is stalking me (no, not blogstalker!) as they impersonate a company I DO do business with. Their last "bill" they sent me was SO authentic looking I had to call my company for the 3rd time to make SURE I didn't really owe this money. Scary how good some scammers can be. Luckily, I'm too dang smart to fall for it! lol Unfortunately nobody is real interested in going after these people. Last hope: attorney general. I can't get through on the phone but will search for an email address and see if they can help.

Willeyes said...

I am always amazed when I see these e-mails, and even more amazed that people actually send them their information!

Anonymous said...

It's sad when someone does "fall for this" because it can destroy someone's life! I loved that Dateline show "To Catch an Identity Thief" where they actually tracked one of these guys down! It was GREAT!

Ronnica said...

I wrote a post like this a month or so ago. It's really sad what people will fall for!

Love the qoute in your comment mabob. Don't care much for the movie, but that part is hilarious!

"The Queen in Residence" said...

Are there really people out there that fall for this.....? It is that something for nothing mentality. Believe me I am sometimes tempted to buy a lottery ticket, especially when it is at $156 million pot but that is about as far as the risk goes.

Pennies In My Pocket said...

ROTFL I am dying laughing to your hilarious and SO true!!! It is simply AMAZING that ANYONE would EVER fall for scams like these. Sad, too.

Thanks for stopping by my blog last Friday when I was featured on SITS. I just got back in town and I'm enjoying getting back to all the bloggers! Your blog is fabulous!


andrew's mom said...

EMMA!! How can you turn down such a surefire way to make millions?! You must be rollin' in it already, girl. I wish some really educated, English guy would offer me easy money...some people just don't know a good thing when they see it!