Friday, October 17, 2008

Culinary Coronary, Anyone?

So - for this segment of Festive Fridays with Fun on the Blog, lemme introduce you to a restaurant. When I first got these pics in an email, I wasn't sure if it was for real. So, I did my "homework" and scoured the Internet. All sign point to yes - that it's real. I'll give you the links as we go...Introducing (the disgusting and unbelievable) Heart Attack Grill
"Diet Center"... (yes it is really a restaurant)

Be sure to click on the pics as they are so much better "up close & personal".
Nurses? WTFreak? Well, the concept is that eating here will give you a heart attack and therefore, you will need to have triple bypass surgery. Who doesn't need a nurse for that?

Yes! They really DO sell cigarettes here. I guess as long as you're gonna clog your arteries, you might as well go down with lung cancer too, right? Seriously!
Here is the Quadruple Bypass Burger because, you guessed it - 4 patties!!! Who needs 4 patties??? Or they would probably say, "Because who DOESN'T need 4 Patties???"

I guess some "patients" need a little assistance to the door... Actually, this is what the "winner" gets if he can eat the entire Quadruple Bypass Burger...a personal "wheelchair escort by a nurse" to his car.

I am sure all of you men out there are thinking, "Oh yeah, baby!" (well,- not ALL you men).
And all of you women are probably rolling your eyes (and rightfully so). I mean who thinks up this stuff, right? And WHY, pray tell, would someone think marketing POOR HEALTH will bring in business?

Well, who knows why...but it apparently works. I suppose it's somewhat of a gimmick, as far as the marketing goes. And I also suppose that if anything, they are at least honest about the fact that their food CAN and most likely will clog arteries.

Here's a little bit of background as well as the restaurant's official site:
Official Restaurant (click here)
How it all started (click here)

Sort of makes you think...if this dude can be successful with a business like this...Maybe I should start some totally crazy business in which I promise to ruin someone's good health or otherwise screw them over.

Perhaps I could sell makeup that promises to give acne! Or maybe I could make pet-owner matching outfits, cuz that would just be the cutest thing ever!!! (I just threw up in my mouth.)

People - When in doubt - JUST SAY NO!!!


Blog Stalker said...

If they can market a place called "Hooters" and play it off its about owls I guess they can make this Heart Attack Grill some moola with a little leg. It's just another tool out there in tearing down society's morals, Desensitizing our children etc.

I guess the whole clogging arteries is bad too, lol!

So, did you eat there or what?

Have a great day!

Mrs. S said...

This place's nurses outfits are so much worse than Hooters girls. I could never work there...well, they wouldn't hire me anyway, my rolls would hang out. They probably don't allow stretch marks.

RhondaLue said... can sell anything with a little (OR A LOT) of smut and immodesty. ANYTHING.

Kaye Butler said...

Maybe I should send the Nurses my business card...I work at a funeral home

Where did you find the Amish Funeral?

Anonymous said...

haha...I'm laughing at the matching dog/person outfits. And that restaurant?! yuck--that burger looks disgusting!

Susie said...

I guess people will fall for anything!

purplehaze said...

Oh Emma I don't think it is the burger that brings them in, it is the gals that wear next to nothing. That is just awful. We have a coffee stand that just changed owners and guess what the gals wear? Bikini's. I know sex sells but come one it is a disgrace!

Tulsi said...

I could not eat there. I guess they wouldn't have people suing them as the put it right on the building. AND Steve better not be in the place just because of the waitress attire!!! I'd pop him, and I'm not a violent person.

Willeyes said...

I almost died when I saw those pics in my e-mail. Who could eat that? It's amazing what people will do...and what sells.

I say go for the matching pet outfit business, or maybe you could start a hair salon that give matching pet/owner hair cuts:) You never know...put on your thinking cap, you could probably make millions:)

meg said...

I am simply speechless!
The theme is cute-ish, but the kinky-fantasy nurse outfits are waaay over the line, IMHO.
Here's a winner of an idea- market a soda the proudly proclaims it will give you gas- teenaged boys would snap it up :-P

kanaboke said...

nooooo way!! that last pic just took the cake! matching outfits with your pup eh??!! Classic!

Tulsi said...

Stop by my blog for a bit of bling.

Anonymous said...

Now I love my burgers but a four pattie burger is just going too far.

Puphigirl said...

Kyle says, "I'd enjoy that."