Friday, October 17, 2008

Bling-Bling for Bloggy BFFs

Thank you sooooo much TULSI for nominating me for some Bloggy Bling-Bling. So here is how is this award works. I have to choose 4 bloggy friends who I consider to be "Blogging Friends Forever" PLUS 1 bloggy friend from another country. This is a hard one, because there are so many of you out there that gimme so much bloggy-comment-love all the time. But rules are rules, and I didn't make the rules. Ok - so without further adieu, here are a FEW of my BFF's (Blogging Friends Forever)!
1) Melanie - for not only being a blogging friend forever, but for being a true friend forever! Not only does she LOVE blogging, but she is generous to EVERYONE in our blogging circle with her bloggy comments. She is also one of the best neighbors I have ever had! Thanks Mel!

2) Susie's Homemade for always being willing to share her EXCELLENT homemaking skills/talents/recipes. She is a great "cheerleader" as well, and is always giving me encouragement and great household tips! Three Cheers for Susie!
3) Mrs. S is forever sharing laughs with me! She is also a great supporter and full of encrouagement! She isn't afraid to share her faith AND her ideas on ANYTHING I have questions or concerns about. She's a lot like me in that we are NOT shy! Props for Mrs. S!
4) PurpleHaze was a looky-lou of my blog for a while (thanks to nursemom for directing her here), before she finally "introduced" herself. She lends a lot of perspective, and she is sure catching on quick to blogging in the short time she's been in the blogosphere. Most of all, she is diligent in stopping by and saying hi! (No more "lurking" - haha) Hip-Hip-Hooray for PurpleHaze!
And I only have one in my blogroll from another country, but I also have a rule of nominating someone in my family when I get awards. So - I proclaim #5 a TIE!!!
5a) Carol totally cracks me up! She has this way of putting clever, so witty, so hi-LAR-ious! It's as Ann says, "Pee your pants funny!" I miss it when Carol's not around! I LOVE her spin on life! Just ask her to prove to you how chocolate is healthy! Afterwards, you won't be able to prove it's not! Brilliant- just brilliant!
5b) Even though puphigirl isn't from another country, she does live in another COUNTY (haha). And IT DOES feel like she has been away in another country, since she is back in school and is sooooo busy! Anyway - she is good at leaving comments and is known for catching me off guard quite a bit! Woo-Hoo PuphiGirl!
Now - go and pay it forward by making your own nominations! Good Luck!!!


Susie said...

Ohhhhh! That is so sweet:-) Thank you so much for the award:-)

Tinabean said...

Congrats on the award!
Thank you for the shout out to my blog your the best!!!
By the way Jer say's thanks for the post with the Naughty Nurses, of course that's pretty much all he noticed in the post!!! (:

Carol said...

My my thank you.

Maybe I'll have to fix that giveaway and send you that chocolate for being so kind.

Too bad I have a conscience.

Mrs. S said...

You are a sweetheart, but I have you fooled. I am shy. I am. Not as strikingly so as I was in high school but still shy. I think so anyway. I'm a lot less so, I think, because of Moose. He makes me bold.

But thank you so much. My blog will wear this award like a badge of honor!

purplehaze said...

Oh thank you Emma that is sweet. I will try to put it on my blog, but as you know I have a hard time getting things on there! Well you know nursemom and I when we work together that is what we talk about is our family and when she first told me about your blog I cracked up so of course when she gave me your site I had to "LURK". You seem like a great person and am glad to have "met" you.

nikkicrumpet said...

I came by to say thanks for stopping by my blog on SITS day..then I see that not only are we SITStahs...but we're Sisters too! yay I love finding fellow members! And whats this? You live in Utah. OH did I for 40 wonderful years...but alas I've been gone for 7 and boy howdy do I ever miss home! Oh and I think your mom sounds way HIP and WAY COOL!

Willeyes said...

Thanks! I will try and take care of my nom's sometime today:)