Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What I Know

He knew I needed parents that were strong and firm in the faith.
He knew I needed lots of siblings so I could help out and feel needed (bossy).
He knew I needed many friends and that I would accept them for their differences.
He knew I needed to learn the piano so I could "work through" my thoughts and "work out" my energy.
He knew I needed teachers who were patient and kind and patient and, oh yeah, patient.
He knew I needed "listeners" because He knew I would LOVE to talk.
He knew I needed mentors who would give me additional guidance, praise and encouragement.
He knew I needed a song in my heart and voice with which to sing it.
He knew I needed to perform on stage.
He knew I had a desire to write and therefore gave me the words.
He knew I needed my dog and therefore let my mom see the "Free Dog" sign.
He knew I needed to live near my Grandma so I could watch her quietly "teach" patience and kindness and love.
He knew I needed parents who were clever and witty and funny and tolerant.
He knew I needed to go away to school across the country and an ocean; so I would gain a longing for home.
He knew which roommates I needed and what I could learn from them.
He knew I needed to learn from my own mistakes, no matter how big or how devastating.
He knew I needed brilliant children, so that my trials would not interfere with their learning or succeeding in school.

He knows that I need help from kind neighbors, family and friends.
He knows that I can do hard things, even when I forget.
He knows that I need to serve in the gospel, and what I can learn and what I can share.
He knows that I have heartache.
He knows that I cannot sleep, and that I am exhausted.
He knows that there I days when I feel empty and have nothing left to give.
He knows that I have fears and it is the fear of the unknown that scares me the most.
He knows that I need healing, and He knows that in time I will heal.
He knows that I am not perfect, and loves me even when I fall.
He knows that one day my kids will be okay, even when I am not so sure.
He knows that I am lovable, no matter what I struggle to believe.
He knows that I need love.
He knows that I will get through my trials, even when I don't know where to begin.

I know that my friends and family love me.
I know that I have talents that He has given me.
I know that it is through my trials I have come to know myself.
I know that it is through my trials I have become a stronger person.
I know that I CAN do Hard Things!
I know that I am worth it!
I know that I do not have to do it by myself.
I know that I cannot do it by myself.
I know that one day I will be able to sleep.
I know that one day I will feel love and be loved again.
I know that I am a daughter of God and that He loves me.
I know that He wants me to be happy and that He wants me to succeed.
I know that He did not put me on this earth to fail, and therefore, I cannot - choose not - to fail Him.

It is these tender mercies, this knowledge that I am truly a daughter of God, that gets me through each hour, each day, and each pain and each trial. He knows those pains and those trials. He knows my heart. He knows what I need. He knows who I am and yes, He knows me by name.

I know that if I put my trust and my faith in him that I will one day be the person he already knows me to be.


ann said...

All I can say Is THANK YOU for this!

ann said...

Oh I forgot I like the hair curly!

Emily said...

Wow!!! Is all I can say... Well maybe not. Thank you for that! I needed to read that this morning. You have any amazing way with words.

I like curly too ;)

Megs said...

beautifully said emma. time and faith do amazing things.

Ruthykins said...

well, i know that you are good enough, you're smart enough, and, doggone it, people like you! seriously, i really think that.

Amy said...

Thank You

purplehaze said...

That was beautifully put. You are truly an amazing writer. Thank you.

Willeyes said...

All I can say is ditto to everyone else. Thank you for sharing that! You are amazing! Love ya:)

RhondaLue said...

Wonderful post! I think we are all on a journey to find out what we know and what we NEED to learn to know.

Blog Stalker said...

Beautifully said! Not always easy to know. Good to write it all down in front of yourself.

Have a great day!