Sunday, September 7, 2008

As The Blog Turns

Musings On Blogging...

I could do what several other bloggers do, which is to set up a blogroll of all the other blogs I read. The cool thing about the blogroll is that it keeps you up-to-date when a particular blogger on your "list" last posted. The thing I don't like about it is that it takes up more space and my blog already looks "cluttered" so, I don't really want to do that.

So, for now I am sticking to my "list of links" which leaves me to the daily task of "checking in" with EVERYONE on my list to see if they have posted something new. An alternative would be to subscribe to ALL of them which then in turn junks up my email. Are you seeing how this is quite the conundrum?


There are some fellow bloggers that I know only post once in a blue moon. So I only check-in with their blogs once in a blue moon. Then there are other bloggers who post all the time. I check those ones everyday. But it's the Blogs that go in "spurts" that make me feel "let-down". Like, they blog every day or every other day for a whole month and then BAM - they stop blogging for like 2 or 3 weeks at a time. It's just a big let-down when I click on their link anxiously awaiting the new post.

NOW - how sad is that, I ask you???

My friend jokingly accused me of being obsessed with blogging, so much so, that it has become my social life! (Is that bad?) I defended myself by telling her it is my love of writing and a forum by which to rid my mind of random musings that keeps me connected to the "Blogosphere", as I like to call it.

However, as I logged on a few moments ago (after taking a week off) and was getting all excited to "catch up" with all of my fellow bloggers, I realized that perhaps she may be correct.

And even more so, I have started to turn to complete strangers to get my Bloggy Fix! People who blog that I don't even know!!! I have met many New Friends on the Blog. It's True: The Blogosphere is a HUGE part of my social life!!!

This is the part my mother just does not get. When I was out in Nevada last weekend visiting with them, she "warned" me that "complete strangers" were leaving comments on my blog, and that at least one was Blog-Stalking!

"I know - isn't that so cool?" I replied.

I confessed to both NurseMom and MrBusDr that I love my Blog-Followers and that without Bloggy-Fans, Blogging would just not be the same! It's all about the exposure after all, isn't it?

Oh, but wait, it gets better! So then NurseMom proceeds to tell me that a few of her co-workers read my blog!!! What? I ask. Well, apparently one night at work, she was telling them about a post on my blog, so they just had to check it out. They both loved it so much, that they began to "visit" the blog on a regular basis. Then they go into work and tell her how much they enjoy reading her daughter's blog! I am like - what's the difference!!! Hello!!! McFly!!! I had to assure her that I am anonymous enough, and that my phone number is un-published, and that no one is out to get me...not even the Blog Stalker. Funny thing is, NurseMom blogs too. Welcome to the Blogosphere!

Just to clear things up... I have added a NEW link list to my blog. While "People I Know From The Places I Go" is a list of bloggers who I actually know, "Friends on the Blog" is a list of people I've "met" through blogging. If I have read their blog and we've shared some bloggy comments and I LIKE their blog, then viola! They've made the list.

So fellow bloggers, check it out. Browse around. Live a little - take a trip around the Blogosphere and make new friends too! And if it's someone from my list, well - tell them the Mindless Banterer sent you! (I've always wanted to say that.)


RhondaLue said...

that's so funny! I was out with my friend this week for dinner and she told me that she likes my blog. I was like, COOL..and then she told me how her and an old childhood friend of ours talk about it all the time. I didn't even know anyone else read my blog! They sure don't leave comments so how would i know?

There's several people from my past that I've "found" through blog stalking. It's all least until somebody gets hurt! (dh is famous for sayin' that!)

hollibilly said...

My thoughts exactly on blogging. I am not into the blog roll thing either. I am sure it would save a lot of time if I had it so I didn't have to click on everyone's link, but I like the anticipation of there maybe being a new post. Only, a lot of the time I am let down because not many people are addicted to blogging like we are. Thanks Emma for being suck a dedicated blogger :)

Tinabean said...

I am obsessed with blogging also, I'm sure Jer has told you that before.
It's my outlet to the world & other women.
Being a SAHM I don't talk to many adults.

By the way Jer is ok, a little confused on why they would hire him, have him quit his other job to take that one & then turn around & lay him off in such a short time.

I guess god just has something else in mind for him.
How is the office?

Ashley said...

That is what blogging is all about, right? When I first started blogging it was more for myself and any friends/family to catch up on us - but now I'm often more excited to read others' blogs and have total strangers actually read my blog! Ha! My grandmother thinks this is a bad idea, too. That I shouldn't be posting my private life on the internet - but then I showed her how random and innocent it was and I think she is turning around. But she still doesn't read it or anything - hard to read a blog with no computer or internet. Ha! Thanks for calling me your 'friend'! I started using bloglines to subscribe to blogs and then quit updating the link list on my homepage. I need to do that soon!

Carol said...

Honey get yourself signed up for google reader. You sign in and lo and behold it tells you who posted and has their post right there. Saved me so much time I almost had to start doing the ironing again.

Tulsi said...

I completely agree that it is not an obsession. Just a love of writing:)
And not creepy at all.:/

Puphigirl said...

I swear to do a better job at posting more regularly, because I know you were talking about me.

Catherine said...

I may be one of your stalkers. I've read your blog for a while now off the Parkes' link. I'm now going to add you to my blog roll because I LOVE to read blogs as well and many of those on my roll just don't post often enough for me to get my "fix."

purplehaze said...

Well I guess Nursemom is BUSTED!! LOL I do enjoy your blogs and hope it is ok.