Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hootenannies & Hi-Falutin Tootin' Fun

BigMouthBrenda here, checkin' in with all y'all.


The Mindless Banterer made it just fine to her mama's. Apparently, the ol' lady thought those 3 yung'ns was a lookin' a wee bit scrawny; figured they has to stand in the same place twice to see them shadows. So she done took keer and fed 'em all soon as they done set foot in the door. They's just all been eatin' themselves silly ever since.

Just 'fore supper time, the Mindless Banterer done went with the old folks and Ruthykins an' paid a visit to the Reno Temple. Now, it don't be unusual for folks to get teary-eyed an' all while doin' their church bidness up in there. However, the Mindless Banterer done got herself the giggles, and laughed herself so gosh dern silly, 'bout peed her pants. Soon, they's all cryin' so hard from laughin' theys darn near used up every hanky in sight. I mean, butter my butt an' call me a biscuit, them alls just grateful they didn't done git themselves thrown outta there.


MrBusDr. cooked up some mighty fine grub for breakfast. Naw, it wusnt no grits or nuthin', but those yung'uns took to those pancakes an' sauseege like pigs to mud.

Just as the sun 'uz reachin' high noon they had themselves a luau. Now, I'm told this here party is dern near the Hootenannies my grandpappy used to throw. 'Cept they aint no hay bales and it aint in no barn. Theys also none of that classy square-dancin' or pig-callin'. Still, the church folk come dressed in they's finest island duds and done stuff 'emselves likes pigs runnin' loose in a pantry. They even done learnt one of them hu-ly dances. I reckon they had themselves a hoot.

It's so hot and dry in Carson this time a year, the trees done beg the dogs to come 'round. The yung'uns wus so hot they was ready for the pool when they got back to NurseMom's. So off they went, took themselves a dip, and then had themselves a fine supper.

The Mindless Banterer's just done informed me they's all gettin' ready for a night of games, and some hi-falutin' thing called "Bob". I reckon you'll have to ask her 'bout that one yerself. Sounds like a bunch of shenanigans to me.

Well, that's all fer now. S'pose there'll be more yet tomorrow. BigMouthBrenda here, signing off. Over and out.


Ruthykins said...

apparently bob likes dill pickle flavored chips, a lot!

greenolive said...

What could the mindless banterer have possibly been laughing about? Well, I guess we'll just have to wait for her to tell us.

okeydokeyifine said...

Now I ask, is that funny to you? Well it was funny to her and Ruthykins. Pretty near made me lose control and such myself. I had to shake my head. But we did not get kicked out and we did have an enjoyable time.

Blog Stalker said...

I always wondered what someone would look like after eating themselves silly. Hope she's taking pictures.
Dying to know what was sooooo funny that pants wetting was a distinct reality.

And one last thing. What is "BOB"?

Rene said...

Emma -- thank you so much for visiting my blog the other day when I was featured on BATW. CarGuy's cancer diagnosis has put my thank yous a little behind but know that everyone who left me comments that day really helped me through a tough time and for that I am so grateful. Things are getting back to normal (well, a new normal anyway). Thanks again for coming by and for praying for my family!

Jennifer Rae said...

So are you has been almost a week since your last blog...and I posted a picture of my boy..and you haven't even comment.

I hope all is well!

greenolive said...

Now how did Spafford come up?