Wednesday, July 16, 2008

All Hopped Up, Baby!!!

Yes - I am a wimp!

So - today was our semi-annual family trip to the Dentist. Yowza!

Let me start off by saying that I LOVE MY DENTIST...however...I HATE GOING TO THE DENTIST!!!

Dr. Corry has a sweet set-up for the kids. There is a kid's waiting room that is complete with TV, video games, toys, books and VERY comfy leather furniture. If the kids are getting work done, they can put their headphones on and watch the ceiling-mounted TV. My kids usually channel surf until they find "Spongebob Square Pants".

So what do they have for the adults??? Well - if you're me - Everything!!! I also watch TV if I need to have work done - but I usually settle for something more age appropriate. Still not the best part.

I have high anxiety (i know, surprising, right?). In addition to that my gums are sensitive. Therefore when I go in for my semi-annual cleaning, not only do I have to have the topical numbing gel applied to my gums - but i need the Nitrous!!! That's right - hook me up baby!!!

If I didn't have the Nitrous, I wouldn't be able to handle the Cancer Screening, the ice-cold water they squirt in my mouth, or the barbaric way they floss my teeth. It's just better when I am numb and high!

Incidentally - none of my kids need the Nitrous unless they are having actual cavities filled. I know - I am a wimp!!!

So today, I went first and then waited in the kids' waiting room while each of my children had their teeth cleaned. Kienna was able to snatch this oh-so-lovely picture of me coming down off my high.

Oh - and by the way --- the best part???? NO CAVITIES!!!!


Jennifer Rae said...


I wish I had a dentist like that.

Laura said...


that's happy ^^

tinabean1988 said...

So where is your dentist we're looking for one right now.
Don't feel like a wimp it's ok.
Good job No Cavities!!!

angie said...

Yahoo for no cavities! As I get older my teeth are getting more sensitive and it drives me bonkers.

I appreciate you taking the time to visit my blog today and leave such nice comments on my posts. I look forward to returning to your blog and browsing around! :)

kanaboke said...

thanks Kienna~for catching a moment we may never see again...your mom, coming down from drug use!!!! :-)

greenolive said...

So do I need to go to Utah to have a dentist like that? And oh yeah. Hats off to Kienna. Brilliant!