Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

I am the worst daughter on the planet! So, yesterday was Mother's Day, which really meant more work for me - ha ha. Got up, got the kids up, got ready for church (work). Had to play the piano for the children who sang to their Mothers at church(work). Afterwards, went home, made a nice "Mother's Day Dinner" of pot roast and gravy, creamy homemade mashed potatoes, and sweet corn (more work, work, work). Then I had dishes to do (work).

I was so exhausted, that by 6 pm I had to lay down to take a well-deserved Mother's Day nap. Being that I don't have family around, I didn't really have any place to be. Besides, I "worked" really hard that day, and didn't I deserve a nap? Being a single mom, no one else was gonna do anything for me on Mother's Day, right? So, this was my gift to myself.

At this point, I tell the kids I'm going out for the count and if I so much as hear loud laughter, clamorous chatter, or boisterous bickering, severe punishments will be handed out. Of course, they know the drill. They are well aware that when Mom doesn't get her Sunday nap in, the whole week goes to H-E-Double Hockey Sticks in a handbasket!

Anyway, I was so focused on me that I totally forgot to call my own Mother!!! I thought a lot about her throughout the week as well as throughout the day. If we lived close by I am sure I would be the sort of daughter that would cook her dinner or something (I was always the brown-nosing goody-goody). I meant to call her in the morning, but I thought she might be at church, and I didn't want to leave her a message. A voice-mail Mother's Day wish would be sort of lame, afterall. "Nah," I thought. "I'll call her when I get home from church." Well, all of the "work" set in and I had so much to do. Then I was so tired, and thought, "I'll just lay down for a few minutes, and call her when I get up." However, I ended up sleeping for about 4 hours. By the time I got up, I realized that she would be heading off to her graveyard shift at the hospital, and Mother's Day was officially over!

So there you have worst daughter. Could it really get any worse than that? Yes!!! Because when I got to work this morning and opened my email, I found that I received an email from her on Mother's Day! My grandmother, Velma Louise Lawson Griffith had passed away in 1980, from Diabetes. My youngest sister hadn't even been born yet. My own mother was only 27 years old at the time. Her Mother's Day email was a tribute to her mother. Here she was lamenting her own mother, and I didn't even have the decency to honor my mother, who is still alive!

So, I ponder that this morning. If I were 27 years old (that would be 7 years ago) and my mother died, how would my own life be different? I can't imagine not having my mom around for the significant events in my life. My mother was there for me when my children were born, or shortly thereafter. My Mother was able to attend baby blessings at church. My mother was able to come to each of their baptisms, and several of their birthdays, even though she lived far away. My mother was there when I had surgeries. My Mother even came from other states to babysit my children so I could go out of town, or attend week-long trainings at work.

I have been able to call my mother and "cry on her shoulder" and she would listen without criticism. Many times, I would already be in tears, unable to speak when she picked up the phone. Before I could even get a word out, she would say, "What's wrong, Emma?" I would listen as she gave advice, and offered up words of wisdom and comfort and peace. I would hear her as she would say, "You can do hard things" and "Put your trust in the Lord", and "You don't have to do this alone". I have just went through the hardest two years of my life. I kept my burdens a secret from most of my siblings until my divorce was final. But my mother knew all along, and she worried and she prayed, and she offered up her support. How could I have gone through all of this without my mother?

And why is it fair that I get to have my mother here to support me, and she doesn't get to have hers? I don't know the answer to that. And truthfully, my mom isn't the sort of person to feel sorry for herself to even ask that question. I realize that most of the strength I do have, I have because of my mother. Most of the talents I have are because of my mother and her encouragement. Many of the good things I do in my life are because of the things I have learned from my mother.

So, today, the day after Mother's Day, I want my mom to know that I love her and appreciate her for everything she has ever done for me, for everything she didn't know that she did for me, and for everything she will continue to do for me and for everything she will continue to be.

I love you mom! Hope you had a great Mother's Day!!!


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Debbie said...

What a truly awesome post...I live close to my mother and was close to her for most of my life until some family junk happened four years have really convicted me...