Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Irish Faire Perfect for your St. Patrick's Day Dinner

Honestly, while I can eat corned beef, I am not a huge fan of it. Or rather, should I say my acid reflux is not a huge fan. So, I tend to avoid making it, which leaves me to come up with other alternatives for our annual St. Patrick's Day dinner. But honestly, I love the challenge.

Here are some dishes I've tried over the years, and some that are on my list for future St. Patrick's Days.

First up is my family's recipe handed down to from my Grandmother Velma. She comes from a line of Lawsons and Garveys (O'Garvey), both of Irish descent. This bread recipe can be made into rolls, as many people prefer.

Grandma Velma's Irish Potato Bread
Allan Rosenberg/Cole Group/Photodisc/Getty Image
There is also this yummy recipe from Taste of Home for Irish Soda Bread {click here} which I'll be serving up this year.
Easy Irish Soda Bread Recipe photo by Taste of Home

As far as the rest of my menu, here is what I am making:
Dubliner Irish Chicken {click here}
Photo courtesy of Kerrygold USA | ORNUA FOODS NORTH AMERICA INC
as well as Roasted Ranch Potatoes with Bacon and Cheese {click here}
Photo by Joyously Domestic
I will also be paring it was some steamed asparagus, and for dessert caramelized pears with pistachio creme. (Pictures and recipes to come later.)

12 Other ideas:

Bangers & Mash {click here}

Best Ever Shepherd's Pie 

Irish Fish and Chips {click here}

Boxty, aka Irish Potato Pancakes
Side note: Serve your Boxty with smoked salmon or roast beef & gravy.

Irish Lamb Stew {click here}

Rachel Ray's Irish Pub Meatloaf {click here}

Irish Pork Stew {click here}

One-Pan Irish Chicken {Click Here}

Irish Farmhouse Chicken Casserole

Irish Chicken and Dumplings {click here}

Irish Soda Bread Pizza! {Click here} - True, perhaps this isn't a traditional, ancient Irish recipe, but it is an authentic one, and one the kiddos will love!

Gammon Steak (Irish Ham Steak) {click here}

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Drew Watts said...

I seriously loved all the dishes you shared here. Will surely use them for my next St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. This year had arranged a party at San Francisco venues. Had hired catering service that made best food for the day.