Monday, October 8, 2012

30 Days of Service: Day 29

What Have I Done for Someone Today?

Today I spent 3 hours Bug-Hunting.  Yes, it was service, I promise!  My daughter's bug collection is due for 7th grade science tomorrow and she has spent the last month collecting well over 20 bugs.  The problem is, that as she began pinning them to her board today, some of them fell apart.  The other problem was she is only allowed to have 8 different "orders" on her board.  But the bugs we collected were from far more orders.  We could not come up with a combination of 20 bugs that belonged in 8 orders.  The closest we came was 17.  I knew she had worked hard at her project and right now, she needed someone to come through for her more than she has ever needed someone to come through for her with regards to a school project thus far.  I told her to keep pinning and labeling and **I** would go out and snag her 3 more bugs.  Not as easy as it sounds.  Really.

I went to various trails and parks and even scoured my own basement.  I found a half-squashed grasshopper (but we already had one), a moth (wrong order), a pill bug (wrong order) and a fruit fly.  The fruit fly would work -- two more to go.

Then I found some sort of beetle trapped in a web in the deepest darkest corner of my house (and patted myself on the back for putting off the deep-cleaning for so long! ha!).  I wasn't sure if it fit into her orders, but I bagged it up anyway.  I then drove over to a friend's house because after a frantic SOS post on Facebook, it was revealed her son had a handful of "extra" bugs from his own project.  I scored with 2 extra bugs (just in case the beetle wouldn't work).

The project was nearly complete until I noticed her styrofoam needed a little boost in her box. 

Here is the finished product...

Challenge:  What about you?  Big or Small, what have you done for someone today?

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