Wednesday, September 12, 2012

30 Days of Service: Day 2

I failed to post yesterday, as I had a horrible migraine and went straight to bed the minute I got home from work.  So, here is from yesterday...

What Have I Done for Someone Today?
I let one of my kids do something I normally wouldn't let him do on a school night.  This may seem small or insignificant to some, but I knew getting to do this would mean a lot to this child, especially since homework was already done and promises to be at home by 9pm were made.

Challenge: What about you?  Big or Small --  What Have You Done to Help Someone Today?


KiennaP said...

As of yesterday, I helped two kids sign in on the computer and into our online textbooks as they were lost and confused. Today in science I am in a group with 3 other kids, and we each have to make a paper on a certain science section. There are 6 sections and only 4 of us, so I offered to do the extra 5th one, and this other kids offered to do the other extra, since 2 of them didn't get theirs done and had lots of homework already. Oh and I also bought some snacks from the Pony at school and today I am going with Sariah to go running a lot up and down the street to help her prepare for the mile we have to do in gym.

Michelle said...

I found out my good friend was having some pregnancy I made her dinner. And her daughter is allergic to eggs so I made pumpkin bars with no eggs, and they were deeeeeelicious. Good experiment Emma :)