Friday, September 28, 2012

30 Days of Service: Day 19

What Have I Done for Someone Today?

Today's schedule was jam-packed with work and school and the first concert of the season for the college's music department.  I am a member of the Chamber Singers, and therefore had to rush from work to get ready and get to the venue on time for the sound check, etc. There were 5 different groups performing, and a few "filler" ensembles (duets, solos, etc.).  Just before the concert, as the saxophonist was going on stage for a sound check, I grabbed him on the shoulder and sort of pulled him into me.  You can only imagine the surprised look on this kid's face as this "old lady" (me) manhandled him.

I was trying to think of a polite way, and the least embarrassing way to tell him his princess was out of the castle, but nothing came to mind.  Instead I ended up blurting, "You may want to take care of that before walking on stage", complete with a head nod in the direction of his zipper.

He turned completely red, sighed a few explicit phrases and then began to thank me profusely, while mentioning something about saving him from a potential "facebook disaster".  Haha.  I thought that was classic.  You know it's epic, if it ends up on Facebook!

Challenge:  What about you?  Big or Small, what have you done for someone today?

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