Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pinterest Question of the Day: How do I move a pin from one board to another?

I'm fairly new to Pinterest, and I'm definitely no expert.  But I find people are always asking me questions about it.  Here is one that they do not have in their help/support Q & A, but I stumbled upon myself and it's one that people always ask me.  "How can I change one of my pins from one board to another?"  It's easy...

Step One: Click on your profile (upper right corner)
Step Two: In the drop-down, click on "Boards"
Step Three: Click on the Board containing the Pin you want to move.
Step Four: Click on the Pin you wish to move.
Step Five: Click on "Edit" (scroll across the top of the pin and the word "Edit" should appear)
Step Six: In the "Board" field drop-down, click on the new Board for that Pin.
Step Seven: Click on "Save Pin"

And Voila! There you have it!


KiennaP said...

I feel dumb asking this... What is Pinterest?? Haha

Julie said...

THANK YOU!! I've often pondered that question. Mainly when I realized the majority of my "recipes" board was pinned with desserts. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks. All of Pinterest Help did not answer--how to move pin from one board to another. This post did.

Jackie's Travels Between the Poles said...

Thanks I couldnt find the answer on Pinterest and in two seconds you helped solve the problem great .

CMills said...

Thank you!!!!!!!!! You just saved me a great deal of time!

Margaret Harrold said...

Really helpful. Many thanks. Have been wanting to change things around for ages!