Saturday, December 31, 2011

Miller Parties Rawk!

In less than 10 hours I will be chillin' with my peeps.

By "chilling" I mean attending my niece's baptism and by "my peeps" I mean my family.  But AFTER the be-on-your-best-behavior-and-wear-Sunday-clothes ceremony, we plan to par-tay.  For reals.  It's the Annual Miller Christmas Party: Utah Segment.   I say that because our family Christmas party usually takes place in three installments, at least for my parents.  You see, there are 7 of us kids.  2 of my siblings still live in Indiana.  2 have moved to Nevada and live near my parents.  2 of us live here in Utah and 1 is in the Army, so his whereabouts change quite frequently and I can't disclose anymore or he might have to kill you, ha!

But check this out.  My parents are so cool, in addition to celebrating the holidays with the sib's & their families in Nevada, they travel both to Indiana AND to Utah every year so we can spend Christmas with them too.   No, they are not rich by any means.  They're just cool like that; it's how they do.

I know that my kids and I truly appreciate that they make the sacrifice each year to be able to spend the holidays with all of us (even though my mom is dealing with a bad knee ailment at the moment and traveling can be a pain).

This years Utah family party is a bit different as far as time and place go, but here are the things we can count on for sure:

  • There will be plenty to eat!
  • The cousins will love hanging out together and playing.
  • The kids will be loud.
  • The food will be good.
  • There will be fun games.
  • There will be lots of laughter.
  • There *might* even be a prank or two.
  • Did I mention there will be food?

Yep.  So, if I'm not reachable to phone or email, don't worry - I haven't gone completely off the grid.  Just a little time out for a family party.  (Either that or I'm passed out into a sugar coma somewhere!)

All right Millers, did someone say party on?



KiennaP said...

Bring it on!

Puphigirl said...

I'm afraid to step on the scale after this weekend with all the treats we ate.