Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday Scutwork

Gym - Check.
Clean Kitchen - in progress
Laundry - in progress
Enslave child in yard work - in progress
Nap - Can't wait!
Buy Pumpkins - after lunch
Head down to my sister's annual Pumpkin Dinner Party - w00t!
[Possibly late night movie?] - TBD

What are your plans today?


Puphigirl said...

Clean house- in progress
Make pumpkin dishes - in progress
Host pumpkin party
Clean up after party

Michelle said...

Clean house- always in progress
Wash poopy clothes/sheet from exploding baby- soaking in resolve
Get dressed-- done!
Go to pumpkin patch- after naptime
Visit Gma Sherry- later tonight
Make bed- will do right now, now that you've got me thinking about it.

Charlotte said...

Pick up bountiful basket - done
Get jeep's oil changed - done
Wash boat and put away for year - done
Pick up final costume items - done
clean up house for party - in progress
finish halloween decorating - in progress
Make pot pie for dinner
Nap time! (or maybe video games)

KiennaP said...

Got picked up from sleepover- check
drove to cousins house-check
attending pumpkin party-check
came home from cousin's party-check
watching old tv shows from when i was younger- in progess
sleep- will do soon...

Ruthykins said...

sleep in - check
eat out for lunch - check
watch movie with husband - in progress