Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Assignment

I have an assignment due in just a little over 2 weeks. It's to write a journalistic essay. Specifically, I am to go someplace or do something I've never gone or done before and then write a journalistic essay on it. Lots of ideas are spewing around up in the ol' noggin. I am sure when I find "it" -- the right project -- I'll know.

I started off in the "invention" phase of my piece, brainstorming about possible topics. In doing so, I asked myself, what is something I've never done before? There were lots of things. The first few that came to mind were...

Work on a farm/ranch for a day
Rock Climbing
Ghost Hunting
Fly Fishing
Attend a Renaissance Fair or Sci-Fi Convention

Someone in class brought up visiting a nudist colony. I know that is something I could never do -- not even for the sake of an 'A' - HaHa!

Then something else came to mind. I've never attended a midnight showing of some trendy new film, such as...... a TWILIGHT movie!

I started getting all excited. Now THIS is something I would probably never do. I have never even read any of the Twilight books, nor seen any of the movies. It's not that I "hate" them... how can I hate something I know nothing about? It's just that they are not the genre of stuff I typically enjoy. Even my besties who swear on their mother's aunt's dead sister's grave that Twilight is phenomonal and that I'd just love it if I gave it a chance are hard-pressed to change my mind. And the thought of spending $9 to stand in line in the middle of the night with a bunch of Twihards just does not appeal to me. Not to mention I'd probably have to buy a big tub of popcorn and some Milk Duds just to stay awake. So, that's like, what? Another $20? I can stay at home and fall asleep to a show I don't enjoy for free!

So I says to myself, "Self," I says, "Surely there is a Twilight movie coming out soon. I mean, it's all I've been hearing about for the past week." So I pulled up the local theater and guess what I see?

There is a link right there on the home page with flashing lights and sirens which reads, "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1". I start to get excited, thinking a night with Twihards dressed in their Edward T-Shirts, drinking Diet Cokes from their Breaking Dawn Souvenir Movie cups would be just the sort of thing I could really enjoy writing about. But then, I notice the "ticker"... It's a countdown to the release date. 156 Days 02 Hrs 30 Mins 49 Secs for the release of this li'l gem. Um, really? There is a countdown for a movie that isn't even coming out until the middle of November?!?!?! Wow. I guess the Twihards are more diehard than I even imagined.

So, it's back to the drawing board for me... unless you have any better ideas?


Deborah said...

If there's a RenFest in your area in time, go to it! They're really fun--the people watching opportunities are priceless! From people dressed in period clothes to "Drench the Wench" hawkers yelling "Can you get my lady wet?" to drunk people in period garb trying to "make his lady wet" ... it's a hoot. You'd enjoy it and I'd love to read what you wrote about it. Although with Utah's alcohol laws, I'm not sure you'd have the real drunk-watching opportunities we get at the Maryland RenFest :)

Susie said...

Crazy ideas!!

Cassie the Sassie Lassie said...

First of all, the twilight thing-i wouldn't suggest it. She goes into the realm of "adult fantasy", and when I mean ADULT, I mean, ADULT. It gets a little...graphic, so to speak (from what I remember).

You could go to one of those things at Thanksgiving point: scottish festival, dog days, somethin' like that. You could even volunteer at one an animal clinic, or a homeless shelter! I don't know if you've ever done that, but I really enjoyed it. Just sayin' is all! good luck! I hope you report back here.