Friday, December 10, 2010

Best Gift, Worst Gift

Season's Greetings, Readers!

My BIL & I had a conversation, about this time last year actually, regarding our best and our worst Christmas gift experiences ever. He told me about the year when he was a young kid and a HUGE box was shipped to their house. For DAYS his uncle taunted him with phrases like "I think it's a dirtbike." "I'm pretty sure you're getting a dirtbike." "I think your dad was wanting to get you one." So, of course he got his hopes up only to have them tragically dashed on Christmas morning when he tore open the box to reveal...

... a study desk.

We had a good hearty laugh over that. In fact, I laughed so hard, I remember wheezing and barely being able to breathe. I still laugh thinking about it.

So, now I am wondering if any of YOU have ever had an experience like that? Or, if not simply tell us about the WORST gift you've ever received.

What about the BEST?

Here are mine...

My Worst Gift Ever -- Nothing. I received nothing.
It wasn't supposed to be that way. I was told I should just buy myself something and say it was from him, that way I'd get what I want. Well, I know a lot of women who'd be thrilled at the idea of that. Not I, said the goose! I like surprise-gifts. I guess it's just that I wanna feel like he's put a little thought into it... like he was actually considering ME. I rebuttal'd and stated that I would not be purchasing my own gift for myself and instead requested just a simple gfit; anything, really. A small charm, a bottle of lotion, perfume, a CD... etc. Alas, Christmas morning arrived, and soon it was *my* turn to open *my* gifts, video cam rolling and everything. When I was asked "where's your gift?" I sooo badly wanted to say, "I don't know... where is it?" Hmm... perhaps I did say that. Can't remember. Guess I'll have to watch the tape! hahaha!

Best Gift Ever -- [_____________________]
I will have to think about that. I can't exactly remember the best gift, per se. But I can recall my best Christmas memory.

I was approximately 8 years old. The house we lived in at the time was the biggest house we had ever live in. And, we had a HUGE fireplace in our living room and panoramic windows overlooking our back-wooded lot that had a stream and a branch of the river running through it, and we had a pond too. I think it was about 4 acres, although I'm not certain. Anyway, it was the 80's, mind you, and the people that built the house put white carpet in the living room I suppose to make it more "formal". Therefore, we were never allowed in there except to practice piano, entertain company, cleaning, or Christmas. All of the other houses we lived in didn't have a huge formal living room. But I remember, looking out of the windows at the frozen pond and just the idea of ice skating made me feel magical (although I've never ice skated in my life). I remember when I saw our homemade stockings hanging from the fireplace that year. We had so much candy in it that they were overflowing. And our stocking stuffer (usually a small special gift like a necklace) couldn't even fit! But I remember my dad starting a fire that morning and we all snuggled around and opened our gifts. We never really got more than 1 or 2 things. Nevertheless, I remember feeling rich.

Looking back, I was. :)


Susie said...

That IS a bad gift. I used to get from my mom "I ordered something and it is on the way." Nice!

Sweet Sassy Molassy said...

Another Christmas morning I woke up to see a Jaws game and the picture on the box scared me so I went back to bed as it was still dark out and if Jaw was going to get me in the den it would be while it was still dark.

KiennaP said...
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KiennaP said...

Does BIL mean Brother In Law or something?????

I really liked that cookie said...

My ex boyfriend would always getme all worked up about a great gift, and then BAM - so dissapointed... did I mention he was my EX?

RhondaLue said...


My worst gift: My grandmother liked my brothers more than she liked me (she hated my mother and I think she associated me as being just like he because we were close)..anyhoo...

My brothers opened up their gifts and they got brand new SPalding Footballs, basketballs, soccerballs. I opened my gift and it was a giant wad of gauzy, orange-cream colored fabric from the 70's that had been sitting in her sewing room since, well, the 70's. My mom got a matching wad of fabric. I smiled and said thank you and she said mom could make us matching dresses. I was like 16 years old-NO THANKS!