Monday, November 22, 2010

Not Me Monday

It isn't Monday already, the day where I confess things I did NOT say or do this past week. Cuz if it were Monday, that'd mean it's almost Thanksgiving and I am not ready. Seriously, I'm not.

Anyway, this past week I did NOT have class three nights, one of which did not include a test I feel I didn't do so well on. I did NOT also attend a college choir concert on Friday that I had to critique & write a paper on, due tonight.

Saturday I did NOT have a blast with some of the neighbor ladies up at the Park City Outlet stores. I did NOT find Pj's for $9 @ the Old Navy Outlet and $14 shoes @ the Crocs Outlet for my kids for Christmas. I did NOT think prior to going there, Crocs only made the big clunky shoes I'm not so fond of. I also did NOT get to sample free Thanksgiving treats from Harry & David and I did NOT splurge and buy a little chocolate for stockings.

Saturday night I did NOT participate in a music fest and our group did NOT perform a song & dance # from the movie "Up!"

Sunday, I did NOT sing for the Thanksgiving program with the choir, so you'll forgive me if I am all music'd out for a bit.

Sunday night I did NOT meet with my study group for film class to finalize our project due tomorrow. I did NOT feel a little bad for the plethora of homeless people waiting for the huge downtown library to open their doors @ 1p, so they'd have a warm, dry place to stay for a bit.

And lastly, I certainly did NOT eat some caramel-chocolate dipped marshmallows while working on homework.

What about you? What did you NOT do?

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Puphigirl said...

I did NOT attend the 5A High School Football Finals in which the school where I work won the state championship.