Thursday, July 22, 2010

Collection: Piggy Banks

I admit, I sorta have a thing for piggy banks. Many times at the store I will see a really awesome looking one. I never buy any, because, quite frankly I just can't justify it. I don't really collect anything. I don't know that I really ever did as a kid either. But if I were a collector, piggy banks just might be my thing.

And for clarification, I will just say right now, that when I say "piggy" bank, I actually just mean "coin bank" -- since not all cute coin banks are a "piggy". But, I guess it's because we grew up calling them piggy banks, that is still what I call them. My mom bought each of us a piggy bank and there were times when she had acquired excess change over time, she would say, "run and get your piggy banks". We'd gather 'round the kitchen table like little paupers waiting as she counted out her change and divided it seven ways. (Not an easy thing to do, by the way.)

I don't really know whatever happened to my piggy bank growing up. I don't really remember getting rid of it... maybe it went away to the "country" to live a happier life. haha! Anyway, it was a cute little mouse and if I remember correctly, it had an orange outfit on. We're talking Circa 1973 here. I don't remember what my other siblings banks were, but I do remember my brother Sam having an Uncle Sam bank. I also remember that my mom had a copper piggy bank (like the one above) that sat up on a high shelf. This piggy bank contained special coins like the Eisenhower Dollar Coin (which was HUGE), the Kennedy Half Dollar, and the Susan B Anthony Dollar. I was given my "share" of the coins when I became an adult. I still have them, along with many other coins. (Although I am not a "coin collector" in the usual sense, I guess I **do** like collecting different types of coins.)

Anyway, recently I ran across a really cool piggy bank online, and like a shiny bright light, it stole my attention, and the next thing I know, I'm on an internet search for unusual coin banks. Here is what I found:

The next four are my fav's from my little search... If I had money and were a collector, these would definitely be in my collection :)

And finally, I ran across this and thought it was totally hilarious!

What about you? Did you have an interesting piggy bank growing up?


Janet said...

That cartoon is awesome!
I had a little piggy bank that shattered into a million pieces when I was a kid. I loved it too much to let go, though, and painstakingly glued it back together. It was totally Frankenstiened and the light shone through it, but I know I still had it when I got married.

Tulsi said...

I had one like the one you pictured!! Mine had a screw in the bottom to open it. I never thought I'd see any like it.

Susie said...

LOL!! I love that cartoon!!!

Melisa said...

That human bank is hilarious! Haha, that would be an interesting piece in a collection of piggy banks, don't you think? The other ones would be a nice addition to a set, too.

-Melisa Vento