Tuesday, July 6, 2010

And Then I Cried

It happened six weeks ago.

Six weeks ago, I said I was fine. And I was.
Six weeks ago, I said I was strong. And I was.
Six weeks ago, I felt okay. Really, I did.
Six weeks ago, I didn't cry. Not a drop.

But that was six weeks ago.

Last night was different. And I cried.


Puphigirl said...

We all crack at some point.

S Club Mama said...

did I miss something 6 wks ago?

Susie said...

Oh no!! What happened?

Cassie the Sassie Lassie said...

I snapped today. I was at work and this dog kept barking and WOULDN'T shut up... so I cried. Someone asked if I was OK, and I said "allergies"... but it must've been stress.

RhondaLue said...

:( Im sorry. But the cryin' releases it right? A little, anyway?

I hope so. I cried a couple weeks ago-like crazy. I'm thinking it was the hardest I cried in like my whole adult life. T'was weird for me. lol

Vickie said...

Sometimes you need to cry. I am supposed to be happy and I find my self crying at the wierdest time.

Sweet Sassy Molassy said...

There's no crying in baseball!