Monday, June 28, 2010

Not Me Monday

There are so many things that happened last week, that I am NOT going to tell you all about it.

First of all, I did NOT start back on the proverbial wagon of no sugar, little carbs, and lots of water and fruits & veggies. I also did NOT start my walks again, and do NOT hope to be back to runs soon (not "the runs", dork). I did NOT lose 5 lbs in just that first week, although I am NOT convinced it was because I was floating upstream all week from drinking my weight in Sunny D Water.

Also, it was NOT midterms last week, and I did NOT study my butt off by reviewing the prior quizzes and assignments like crazy. Then, when I got there, it did NOT feel like ALL of the questions were stuff I never saw. Only to find out AFTER the fact, the instructor didn't repeat ANY of the questions from quizzes or homework assignments. Many of my other instructors do NOT use similar questions from the homework and quizzes to solidify what it is you're learning. However, this instructor did NOT put in her email yesterday, "You'll notice on the midterm I did not cover the same things your quizzes and homework already covered. You are in college now and there are a lot of terms in this Biology class. You will need to know and be familiar with all of the terms of each section." I was NOT like -- and ya couldn't have given us a heads up BEFORE the midterm!?!?!? And to make matters worse, she is NOT waiting to start grading them until tonight. I do NOT feel certain that I only got half right, which would be 50%, which would be an F! I did NOT feel like an emotional wreck about it and am NOT sick to my stomach just waiting for that stupid grade to post! ugh!

In other news... I did NOT have TWO S'mores night this past week. One night PrettyPrettyPrincess had her friends over and another night I had MY friends over. =D
I do NOT love sitting around the firepit. I also was NOT good since I am on the new "diet" and only ate 2 li'l marshmallows. We also did NOT then play games until midnight. It was NOT totally fun! Oh, and in the process I was NOT friendly to my new backyard neighbor. I did NOT ask him about the project he was building, because I would NOT be so nosey (even tho the neighbor gals did NOT put me up to finding out the 4-1-1 on them). But he did NOT mistake my inquiry as a FLIRT and instead of answering the question, he did NOT respond with, "um...I have a girlfriend." hahaha! I did NOT soooo badly wanna reply, "Whoa, Clydesdale! Down're not even my type!" But instead, the gals and I did NOT bust out into laughter, nope. We certainly did NOT.

I also did NOT manage to get bit by a spider, and I certainly will NOT be blogging about that later. And to top the week off, I did NOT get only a short 1 hour nap on Sunday, instead of my usual 3 hour nap. But I guess I will NOT survive...

So. What did you NOT do?


Susie said...

I did NOT have a successful dinner party this weekend:-)

Puphigirl said...

I did NOT have another enjoyable week of summer school, turn in all my assignments, and take an extra long nap on Sunday.

I really liked that cookie said...

I did NOT say goodbye to an amazing friend, as she was NOT moving to Africa. And I did NOT cry in church that day everytime I remembered. And I will definatly NOT be thinking of going to Africa soon.

The Blonde Duck said...

I did NOT cook a delicious brisket!

Debbi said...

last night, I did NOT have the worst argument with Will, where I did NOT stay up until past 4:30 am.