Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Where I grew up Memorial Day was a big event. It would start off with our town's Memorial Day Parade; always a biggie. Then we'd head off to the church picnic. Then, AFTER the picnic, we'd usually talk our parents (well, my mom anyway) into letting us have friends over for movies or board games. But one thing we always had on Memorial Day was grilled meat. Sometimes, hotdogs, sometimes hamburgers, and once in a while my dad would do chicken. My dad traveled a lot back then and therefore the grill didn't get used so much. However, to me throwing a little sumin'-sumin' on the grill is a must for this holiday.

One year, my oldest (who was then about 6) asked me what Memorial Day was. I explained how it was to remember those who fought for our freedom, and more specifically those who died for it. Then when I started up the grill he exclaimed, "We get to eat like they did back then too? On a fire????" Yes dear. On a fire. Tee hee.

So whether you are out camping, having a picnic or backyard BBQ, or stopping by your favorite local diner for some fall-of-the-bone ribs, I hope you all enjoy a little "fire-cooked" dinner yourself!

Oh - and for your viewing pleasure... here's how some people do it --

This last one I giggled and giggled like a naughty Catholic School girl! Go {{HERE}} to see the latest in true "that's what she said" fashion Grilling tools! I can just hear my mother now -- "Aye-eye! For shame!" I know... I is thorry...