Monday, April 19, 2010

Not Me Monday

I am NOT too tired to tell you about my crazy week, that did NOT have me stressed out. It did NOT include driving to a concert which I thought started @ 7:30pm, but which really started @ 6:30pm. I did NOT then drive expediently to make it only about 30 min late, only to find out the concert had NOT been canceled because a play was still in production. But because I did NOT arrive late, I did NOT have to park in the ghetto. On my way back to the car, I did NOT walk right into the middle of a police take-down. I did NOT almost pee my pants and have a heart attack. And I most certainly did NOT have a melt down on the way home, and all for a stupid music critique class.

I did NOT have a strange dream last night in which I did NOT enter a man's apartment. I did NOT get the distinct impression I was dating him. As we were hanging out, he did NOT ask, "do you think it's possible to express love thru a FART?" I was NOT like, "eww gross!" Right as he let one rip. Then about 5 rowdy kids did NOT come barreling in the room, and they were NOT handling a newborn like a ragdoll, and then the newborn did NOT turn into a kitten. I did NOT ask myself, "what am I doing with this guy? I need to be with someone calm...and less disgusting!" And then I did NOT wake up.

So... what did you NOT do?


Anonymous said...

Wow you didn't do a lot! LOL! A police take scary! I did not spend $40 on a VHS tape this week! (Shhh)

RhondaLue said...

dude, I'm glad you woke up Emma. And if one CAN express love through a fart...well I'm really loved. ;)

Puphigirl said...

Sometimes when Kyle farts, then I fart back saying, "I'm just answering your mating call."

greenolive said...

lol@puphigirl I did not go to Time Out For Women which I really needed. That stinks about the concert. Not Fair.