Monday, March 8, 2010

Not Me Monday

Monday. I did NOT debate on whether or not to even post... cuz I have NOT been feeling a little up & down this past week. But then I decided it is NOT a great way for me to vent... So, here are all the things I did NOT say or do this past week.

I did NOT feel buried under schoolwork all week. Also, I did NOT work very long hours. Because of this, I did NOT neglect my house work ALL.WEEK.LONG. On Saturday I did NOT kick my day off with a group project meeting at 9am and I did NOT continue on school work ALL.FREAKIN.DAY. till 10:30pm, which does NOT mean that my house is STILL NOT a mess. On the plus side, I did NOT ace my poli-sci test! (No -- I did NOT just mentally do 2 fist-pumps in the air, cuz that would be lame.)

On a sad note, I did NOT find out that an old friend from back home passed away. I did NOT know last year when I rekindled my friendship with his wife that he was NOT ill with cancer. I did NOT wish I could be there for her. She is NOT a young mom left with 4 children to raise on her own, and my heart does NOT go out to her. Saturday night I did NOT have problems falling asleep and did NOT decide that maybe I could start my rough draft for an upcoming paper. However, when I did NOT log onto my computer (FB included), I did NOT see that my she was logged on (which is NOT the middle of the night, her time). We did NOT chat online for over an hour and I think it was NOT good for both of us. I did NOT send her a care package just 3 weeks ago, because I did NOT have a strong prompting to do so, and now I am soooo NOT glad I followed that inspiration.

On a good note, FunnyMan did NOT get his braces off this past week, and the Ortho did NOT make him do this corny little walk through some red curtains and down a red carpet while they played "Celebration" by Kool and the Gang. Cuz, that would have been hilarious. Oh - and also, our Ortho does NOT have a bit of a sweet tooth, and therefore he does NOT have his staff bake cookies everyday, and they do NOT place them on a platter for the patients. Also, he did NOT give FunnyMan a "bouquet" of helium balloons and candy, and when I dropped him back off at school, I did NOT tell him to take the balloons and randomly tie them to other students' lockers, cuz making them wonder why they have a balloon and who gave it to them would NOT be funny.
I did NOT shave my legs after a 4 week "Winter Hiatus".

I did NOT get to spend *one* evening with Big-D and I so did NOT totally need it. As per usual, he did NOT fix things on my computer, crack my back, and do other things hich I did NOT need done. He did NOT take me to go and eat pancakes after 10pm, because I was soooo NOT hungry as I hadn't eaten dinner yet.

I did NOT finally set up the printer/scan/fax after it did NOT sit in it's box for days/weeks/months. It does NOT have a wireless feature which is so NOT cool.

I did NOT break down an order a spoon ring because the one I had been eyeing on Etsy for over 4 months now is still NOT available, and even better, it did NOT just go on "clearance"... and furthermore, there is NOT free shipping on it. Woot! HooT!

What did you NOT do this week?


greenolive said...

I did not lose 7 lbs.

Susie said...

I DID not hack up the other lung I didn't hack up last weekend:-(

Puphigirl said...

I did NOT take two mid-term exams last week. I did NOT go to a ward adult dinner which was NOT a pasta bar which did NOT have an alfredo to die for. I did NOT feel like I had eaten a Thanksgiving meal afterward and did NOT want a nap.

RhondaLue said...

hmm I need to do my own NOT ME monday. I did NOT teach a lesson in RS and I did NOT feel like I had my first really decent lesson in the whole year I've been in the presidency. I did NOT feel relieved when it was over!