Monday, February 15, 2010

Not Me Monday

Monday! Time to tell you all the things that certainly did NOT happen to me this past week!

First of all, I definitely do NOT want to thank a handful of our Nation's former presidents for NOT having birthdays so close together that "they" (who's "they"?) did NOT decide to create a Federal Holiday out of it, which does NOT mean a PAID DAY OFF for me!!! Ok... now to the post...

I did NOT have a Roller Coaster of a week and there were NOT both High's and Low's.

HIGH: It was NOT Valentine's day and I will NOT be sharing more of that tomorrow, because it certainly does NOT deserve its own post!

LOW: I did NOT have a wee little breakdown, and because of such, I do NOT feel like staying in bed all day and ignoring the world. I do NOT think it would be best explained if I did NOT just copy and paste parts of the email I sent to my family on Saturday... So... I am NOT inserting that RIGHT.HERE. for your viewing pleasure...



So, to answer some of your questions about my "poo day" status [on Facebook] yesterday... they have just forced us to a 4 day work week. Not 4-10 hour days. Still 8 hours a day, which means 32 hours a week, which results in a 20% paycut. I cried pretty much through the entire mandatory office meeting. I kept thinking "How am I going to do this? I was barely making it as it was!" They (corporate) say they are doing this because they need to cut costs, but can't afford to lose employees. The reality of it though, is that for people like me who can't afford to work on only 32 hours a week for entry-level pay, I have to find something else. So, they may end up "losing" me anyway.

Anyway, my plan B was to go back to sub teaching right away to help subsidize the loss. However, one quick phone call to the district, and guess what... they now have a new rule that only LICENSED teachers can sub. I am like, "Hello! If I was licensed, I'd be TEACHING!" doh.

So, plan B is out; not sure quite what else to do. Just last Wednesday, I planned and PAID for the children and I to go on a summer vacation. It's not over-the-top expensive, but it's not like camping in the back yard either. We are going down to the Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City this summer and are seeing 2 shows, one Shakespeare and one not, and we are staying in a decent hotel (with a pool -- ooh!).

If I would have known that 2 days ago I'd be getting a 20% cut, I might not have spent part of my tax return on that. My goal was to save the rest of my tax return and add to it so that by this time next year I can get a new (new-to-me) vehicle with cash. (I just can't afford monthly payments.)

The van is 13 years old and I just put another thousand in it for repairs. But now, it looks like I will be slowly using the tax return to help sustain us until I can figure out what to do. With me going to school and of course the kids, a night job is out. And so far I do not see anyone hiring at my current pay rate (or more) without requiring a degree.

I am grateful to have the little bit left [from my tax return] that I do have... and I do feel better today than I did yesterday, in the sense that everything will work out. I don't know HOW, I don't know WHEN, but I know that something will work out.

I try to be strong, but honestly, there are times like last Friday when I felt like everything was falling apart. So I am sure I am not done crying about this yet! haha!

I feel depression tugging at me and I know I need to stay busy to avoid it (is it bad that it's 2pm and I am still in bed?) lol!

I don't tell you this to get you to feel sorry for me; that is the last thing I want from anyone. Plus I know that none of us are without struggle. I am just letting you know what's going on in my corner of the universe.

Love to you all!


So...that pretty much did NOT sum it all up. Yeah... it pretty much does NOT suck.

What did you NOT do this past week?


greenolive said...

I did not worry about my sister.

Puphigirl said...

I did NOT do a good amount of homework. I did NOT do lots of house cleaning to get ready for a birthday party.

Susie said...

Wow! I hope things come around for you! That blows!!

BlueCastle said...

I'm sorry, Emma! You are in my thoughts and prayers.

okeydokeyifine said...

I did not miss my hubby on valentine's day. I did not worry and say good bye to my son who was deployed. I did not worry about my son who recently was in the hospital. I did not worry about my daughter who has several issues hitting her all at the same time. I did not worry about my daughter who has relationship issues in her marriage. I did not worry about my daughters in school, work, raise families, and serve in the church. I did not worry about a daughter who has a "new to her car" that doesn't work right. I did not worry about a daughter that tries to stretch a dollar in 5 different ways and take care of her family. In short, or should I say long, I did not do what I always do...worry and pray about the children. I know that they are in good hands and I am just a phone call away.

The Blonde Duck said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your job. I hope you find a better solution soon.

Vickie said...

Emma, that sucks beans. I hope something comes up.

I did not go to Michaels and use my Christmas gift card. I did not sit around and play on the computer or watch TV all day.

Dianne said...

I did not schedule surgery for a doubly mastectomy followed by chemotherapy. I did not receive a bill for breast biopsies. It was not over four THOUSAND dollars. And I do not NOT have insurance (that is supposed to mean i dont have any)

The Willeyes said...

I still can't believe they cut your hours. I'm so sorry :)