Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Interview With A Blogger: Mom

For those who haven't followed along enough, or haven't known or cared to figure it out, Big Cat Mama is a regular commentator on this here blog. And by Big Cat Mama, I mean MY mama. Mother-o'-mine. Mommy Dearest, NurseMom... y'know... Mom!

Some things about my mom. She was married at age 19 to my dad. Still married today, almost 38 years later (Happy Upcoming Anniversary on March 4th!). She had seven pregnancies and seven births, all within EIGHT years! (yes. she just might be crazy!) She is one of MY heroes because when I was in High School, my mom went back to college to get her nursing degree (RN). How cool is that??? She was working graveyards at the hospital, raising seven kids and going to school full time! My mom is a strong woman. She has strong opinions, strong relationships, strong emotions, and a strong testimony. Love you, Mom! (By the way, that is a pic of my parents, Circa 1978 perhaps? She is prego with one of the youngers... maybe EJ?)

Okeydokey... Here goes... the Interview with my mom!

1) My bloggy profile name is okeydokeyifine

2) I am emmap's mom

3) you can find MY blog here: Just Wait...

4) You should definitely check out MY blog because... That would explain a lot about emmap

5) I think Blogging has helped our family grow closer

6) I blog because...it is one way we keep in touch across the country

7) If I could have been blogging ten years ago, I would have been telling you all about.....life's struggles and to hang in there to see it through

8) The most technological advanced thing I own or I can do is blogging and facebooking

9) Dad was raised "Amish"... My "Amish" phrase is ... It will get better before the cat lays an egg

10) Something Emmap would probably never tell you about herself is..the time she forgot to put her feet down on the floor when she got off the couch and landed smack dab on her face. (she wasn't hurt).
editor's note: Mom - I was like barely a year old then!!! I mean, seriously? THAT'S what you chose to share??? **sigh**

and finally,

11) One of my best family memories is...of the children.
Since this is emmap's blog I will tell you of her.

She played the piano in accompaniment with the school choir. One piece was extremely long and had several pages to it. We would listen to her practice hour after hour at home. On the night she performed we were sitting in the audience and I would ofttimes watch her playing. Then I noticed that the page turner was not turning pages. My girl kept playing and did not miss a beat. She was watching the conductor. After what seemed like several minutes I saw the page turner turning several pages trying to find out where she was. Still my girl just kept playing and following the conductor. She had memorized the entire piece and the conductor realized what had happened when he too saw the page turner turning pages forward and backward. I sat there with a huge smile on my face realizing that she was my girl and nothing could thwart her because she "knew where she was". She is like that today. She knows where she is and most importantly Who she is.

Thanks Mom -- for the memories and the tears!

Leave some bloggy comment love and then check out MORE of my mom HERE


Megan said...

Funny guy is just like his mom and now I can see you are a lot like yours. awesome.

And why am I awake at 1 am?

Susie said...

What a sweet post!! What a great mom you have!!

EmmaP said...

Yeah, I *guess* I'm a little like her... by the way mom, you should go red again. It's how i remember you most and you wear it so well.

Puphigirl said...

By going red you mean her hair.

Neff III family said...

Mom's are the best...thanks for sharing yours with us!

greenolive said...

I love that pic of mom and dad. Good interview with her. Now people know where you get your strength from.

Alice in Wonderland said...

Thank you for sharing your Mum, Emma!
She really must be very proud of you.
Now, I'm going to check out her site and see if I can find out anything more about you!
(Like forgetting to put your feet on the floor!)

The Blonde Duck said...

You have the coolest mom ever.

Ruthykins said...

she should go red! i'll help!

Anonymous said...

Awe what a great Momma you have! And she raised a great woman!

Sweet Sassy Molassy said...

I also remember when she was finishing up school to get her degree and that seems to be a common thread that connects these girls. I also talked to her on one occasion about the 7 kids in eight years and she seemed to think, looking back, that may have just been a tiny bit stressful and overwhelming at times.

RhondaLue said...

Ok so she's my new hero. I only have 6 kids (spaced apart more) and hub is in school full-time, works full-time, so I'm sort of on my own here at home but I'm not working outside the home on top of it. Some days I think I'm going to lose my mind. My calendar isn't big enough to put all the places I have to get Kid A to before Kid B needs to be picked up on the way to Kid C's game. Not to mention kids d-f needing to either come along, find a sitter or get to their own little church activities, etc. How did she manage? School, work and all those kids?! I'm in awe. What an inspiration she must be to all you kids!!

Great interview!

BlueCastle said...

How fun to get to "meet" your mom. Love the memory she shared. I'm sure that was quite a feat to memorize the piece and hold your composure that way too.

okeydokeyifine said...

I have a sheepish grin on my face, can you "see" it? Thanks for the honor of being a blog topic.
And I remember you falling off the couch when brother #1 was a baby, but remember I am old people and the mind forgets things.
I have thought about going red again but there are 2 other ladies that are large and red and I refuse to be lumped into a clique. So mousy brown and grey it is... even if I would look like soooo coooool. Who knows, I may change my mind. Enough about me... Now for more dirt on you: You are beautiful, lovely, of good report, and praiseworthy. I love you so very much and can't wait until I come live with you and get my own rocking chair and bon-bons....I digress.