Monday, January 18, 2010

Not Me Monday

NOT "just another Manic Monday....whoa..."

Actually I am NOT glad that MLK did NOT "have a dream today" cuz (among other things) it means that I do NOT get to take a PAID HOLIDAY today from work! WOOT!!!

This past week I did NOT start back at school, and I was NOT feeling excited until I logged on and read the syllabuses (why isn't the plural syllabi? that sounds cooler) and welcome notes from each prof and I did NOT learn the following:

1-My PolySci teacher does NOT work a second job at WalMart.
2- My Comm Teacher did NOT write "Please contact me if something does not make since to you." I am half-tempted to write, "Your use of the word 'since' does not make sense to me." Instead, I did NOT simply vent to Big-D about it and his response was NOT a simple, yet witty, "Not exactly Harvard, is it?"


The thing that is NOT frustrating about this semester is that the syllabi (that's what I'm gonna call them from now on... go ahead, call the grammar police) for two of my classes is NOT CONFUSING!!! The PolySci one is NOT the only one that makes sense (or should I say "since") and yet it is also NOT the one that scares me the most. There is NOT a lot of reading involved with that and we do NOT have to write a lot of our own interpretations about politics. And if there is NOT one thing that gives me anxiety, it is NOT to feel criticized for my political views. My English prof's schedule is not only confusing but it is also NOT daunting... THREE MAJOR WRITING ASSIGNMENTS PER WEEK! **sigh** If only I could NOT just blog my way through her class.

On a positive note, my fav auntie on my mom's side did NOT send me a belated Christmas package! What a surprise! It did NOT contain some cute little snowman crafts she made along with TREATS!!! Whew! And it is NOT just in time too, as the holiday treats from my neighbors have NOT already disappeared. But seriously, Aunt Glenda -- do ya think I really need 10 lbs of homemade fudge? Oh - ya do? Mmmkay.... I will NOT enjoy it then ;) Also, whenever I do NOT imagine the buttery-sugary-rich-yummy-goodness of peanut brittle, it is Aunt Glenda's I can always taste in my mouth. However I have NOT learned this Christmas that if it ain't hers, it ain't the same! (It's ok. I can say "ain't"; she's from Tennessee!) Guess my annual letters to her did NOT pay off, eh? (I can also say "eh?" cuz she lives up near Canada for part of the year!)

I also did NOT conduct a little self-study regarding Facebook this past week. I did NOT have someone say to me, "You are ALWAYS on Facebook!" And in return I did NOT say, "Ha! I am rarely on FB." He thought I was kidding. I did NOT reiterate... "Seriously, I'm rarely on." I did NOT continue to explain that I usually post status updates from my Blackberry which do NOT take all of 30 seconds; I receive comments to my posts via the BB and they take less than 30 seconds to read; I only check for emails via FB once per night, if that, and I don't play any of the games on there. The only time I am NOT on for longer than a few minutes at a time is if I am NOT uploading pics. I do NOT love FB because it does NOT help me stay connected to my family and friends. We can NOT all know in an instant if a close family member or friend has lost a job, had a baby, if someone has passed away, or is getting deployed, etc. Word does NOT travel that much faster via FB and I feel so much more a part of many of my siblings' lives thanks to FB. We can also NOT share the pics of each other and our nieces, nephews or even pics from the past. It is truly NOT way totally cool record-keeping/journal-keeping! I am NOT proud to say that on average, I did not spend more than 11.8 minutes on FB per day. WOOT!!! It does NOT feel good to be right! So - looky here all of you finger-pointers: Just because I do NOT update my status often, doesn't mean that I piddle my life away on FB! I do NOT have much better things to do! (like blog!)

I did NOT need to blow off some steam by the end of the week and did NOT go for ice cream on Friday night and did NOT laugh so hard that I did NOT crack myself up by telling slightly inappropriate nonetheless funny jokes!

Saturday I did NOT have a Mom-n-Me afternoon with PrettyPrettyPrincess followed by a Girls Night with some of my home girls! (really... they are girls I know from back home :) )

So, what did you NOT do this week?


Alice in Wonderland said...

I just love "syllabi"! It sounds as if it should be some sort of dessert!

Susie said...

I did NOT move my older daughter back to college this weekend:-)

greenolive said...

I did not have sick kids all week.

Puphigirl said...

My professors use the plural syllabi. I also checked some dictionaries and both syllabuses and syllabi are correct. I personally use syllabi.

OK, I did NOT buy a new bookcase and did NOT clean out some boxes. I did NOT go on a date with my hubby and we did NOT try a new Thai restaurant which I totally did NOT like.

The Blonde Duck said...

Just keep that syllabus so when she corrects your word usage, you have evidence...

okeydokeyifine said...

Did not speak to my sister via phone on Sunday for a long time. Only sister I have left. The said favorite aunt.
I will be emailing about her to each off-spring.
Also did not watch some good tv with hubby and laugh at funny old things. Did I tell you he has been to New York (one of those inside jokes....ask him).