Thursday, January 28, 2010

ABC's of Me

[A]ttention is something I enjoy,

[B]ourne Movies are my all-time fave.

There's no such thing as too much [C]heese;

[D]ollar and cents, I'm trying to save.

I'm [E]agerly searching for Mr. Right to forever be my lover.

Bare [F]eet gross me out; So keep 'em Cute, Clean or Covered!

Hawaii is where I went to colle[G]e,

But I'm a [H]oosier, 'cause that's where I was born.

My [I]pod's full of tons of tunes,

[J]uxtaposing love and scorn.

Amish is my daddy's bac[K]ground,

[L]DS is my religion.

[M]assages are like Crack-Cocaine,

and I love snuggli[N]g (just a smidgen).

H[O]bbies & adventures keep me busy.

I've [P]layed the piano since I was four

Which helps to [Q]uiet many thoughts

'cause insomnia's a bo[R]e!

[S]ushi rocks! Need I say more? ("Connect" and "Las Vegas" rolls, to-die for!)

"[T]hat's what she said" is my favorite line, (though it gets me into trouble).

[U]tah is where I live now (What some call the "Mormon bubble").

Con[V]ersating is my obsession,

[W]riting is my passion,

To e[X]cel is my drive, being myself in true fashion.

One stop short of Insanit[Y]ville, some onlookers just might decide.

But with [Z]eal, I continue, for I've nothing more to hide.


greenolive said...

pretty clever

Puphigirl said...

cute and clever

Susie said...

That's very You:-)

Deborah said...

I'm impressed! good job

S Club Mama said...

cute! and you!

RhondaLue said...

I wanted the word clever in your comment sections a nice round number like 3. so...

Very clever! (oh wait, that makes four. shucks I don't like four. I'll have to say it again to make five!)

Alice in Wonderland said...

I just loved this ... and you used THE word, Juxtaposing! Lol!!!!
Really clever!
It has been ages since I last did one of these. Blogging has got a bit stale at the minute, I'll have to dig some more of mine out!

Ruthykins said...


RhondaLue said...

cute and clever!