Monday, December 7, 2009

Not Me Monday

This past week has NOT been a whirlwind and I do NOT have lots to share.

I did NOT take LittleDuckling to get braces and that was NOT a pricey thing to do right before the holidays, but I would NOT have had to spend $500 more by waiting till the new year.

PrettyPrettyPrincess did NOT claim to have a painful bump on her nose and trying to find it was NOT like staring into a stereogram, and yet once found was NOT then obvious. I did NOT take her in to the Dr. whom did NOT tell us she had never seen anything like it and had no idea what it is and that we will NOT just have to wait for another month or two to see if it gets bigger or goes away. She did tell us that she could NOT rule out a zit, a cyst, an infection and pretty much anything else except the big "C" word. But she was NOT more leaning towards a bruise of the dermis that just didn't have discoloration, or something NOT like that.

It was also NOT the 15th anniversary of my 21st Birthday, and I did NOT invite you all to my bloggy par-tay, and I do NOT thank you all for warm birthday wishes. I did NOT have a long and crappy day at work and then was NOT rescued by Big-D to go eat dinner at the Mandarin and afterwards we did NOT spend a quiet evening at home before it was time for me to go and pick up kiddies. I did NOT have a great night!

I did NOT register for classes for next semester and they are NOT...(drumroll please)... COMM1010 - Elements of Effective Communication (good), ENG 2010 - Intermediate Writing (great), and POLS 1100 - US Government & Politics (nasty crap!). It is NOT a good thing that Big-D reminded me that his first degree was in Politics... cuz I am sure I will NOT need tons of help in that class.

I also did NOT go to the college jazz band/jazz vocal ensemble Christmas Concert and I did NOT have to critique it for my music class and Big-D & I did NOT start laughing when the soloist sang, "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas", cuz she did NOT like bust out in an operatic voice to sing it. Nope, she certainly did NOT as that would be soooo WEIRD!!! We did NOT then bust out our own vibrato in an attempt to mock her all the way home, no we did NOT as that would have been for-shame... hehehe!

Saturday I did NOT enjoy time with my family for our Family Christmas Par-tay and my parents did NOT come from Nevada (by way of Indiana, hehe) to join us. We did NOT eat ourselves silly and then open gifts and play some fun games and I was NOT accused of cheating with Big-D during Apples to Apples. I did NOT laugh my butt off.

Saturday night was NOT the church Christmas Par-tay that I was NOT in charge of. We did NOT have sirloin and lots of yummy potluck sides and desserts that people brought. The Bishop did NOT read a Christmas story to the kids and we did NOT have a sing-a-long which did NOT lure a special visitor in from the North Pole to see us! The kids did NOT enjoy seeing Santa, and by the time I got home, I was NOT ready to crash!

What about you? What did you NOT do?


S Club Mama said...

I'm an English major if you need help with your English class. :)

I will be praying for PrettyPretty Princess...hope it's just...nothing.

Happy belated birthday!!!!!

greenolive said...

that was a crazy week. I did not eat a bunch of left-overs from my party with mom and dad this week.

Susie said...

Ooooo, I hope your daughter is just starting ache!!

You get the busy week award:-)

Puphigirl said...

I did NOT attend three different Christmas parties this week. I did NOT get the Christmas lights put on before it snowed.

RhondaLue said...

What a big week! I hope princess is ok. keep us posted. I hate stuff that stumps the Dr's! I have an issue with that myself and I'm like..well, what am I s'posed to do? He called all his specialist friends and nobody had ever heard of my issue. strange. lol

ANyway, glad the fam and ward parties went well, sounds FUN! We love apples to apples!

Era said...

Congrats on the 15th anniversary of your 21st birthday! I love that description. I did NOT stand out in our teeny tiny snow storm. What fun!

Holli and Billy said...

LOVED the Christmas party! You did a great job!

Betty said...

Happy belated birthday! First time here.
Have a nice time:)

Two Blessings From Above said...

Spent the morning getting caught up on your blog. Love the new look! I too need to get started on a diet that I stay on for a few months! Good luck, I will be checking back. We have so much snow I love to walk, but guess I will have to use the treadmill for the next few months.
Happy New Year to you and your family!