Friday, December 18, 2009

My Christmas Meme

I've seen a few other holiday memes out there, and decided to come up with my own. If you wanna play along, just copy and paste into your own blog -- of course changing the answers to reflect your own! Oh - and if you celebrate something besides Christmas, like Hanukah, Kwanza, or Festivus, maybe you could tell us about that too!

The last time I went caroling - was about 3 years ago on a hay ride through the neighborhood with the youth from our church. Brrr.... cold! but fun!

My favorite Drink in the winter is - my Aunt Glenda's Tennessee Boiled Custard! MMM!

My favorite Holiday meal - anything yummo! We've done Ham, Short Ribs, Pot Roast, pork loin roast...

I think Fruit Cake - is best used as a door stop, and I can't figure out why people still make it if everyone claims to hate it!

One tradition we had growing up - was to wake up before our parents so we could jump up and down on their beds and shout, "Merry Christmas!"

One tradition we have now - My kids open up new pjs & socks on Christmas Eve so they look clean & crisp for the pics the next morning. They also get a new ornament that they hang on the tree Christmas Eve.

I get my Christmas Tree from - the storage room in the basement :)

I decorate - usually Thanksgiving weekend while I have off of work, and I like to decorate in certain color schemes.

On Christmas Eve I/we usually - watch christmas movies. Our Favorite two are probably "Mixed Nuts" and "Christmas Story". Usually, either the Sunday before Christmas or on Christmas eve I also read the nativity story to them.

On Christmas morning I/we wake up - whenever we feel like it. But the rule is no gift opening till Mama wakes up... :)

One special thing I make at Christmas time is - a nice Christmas dinner and we eat on the Christmas China.

My Favorite Christmas song is - I have sooo many... "The Holly & The Ivy". "I'll Be Home for Christmas", "The Christmas Song", "O Holy Night", "Greensleeves", ...

Every Christmas - we go to the movies, sledding or have a game day. (Depends on weather, health & money).

I hang my stockings - on a little child-size coat tree, as I do not have a mantel in this house.

Something I look forward to at Christmas time is - trying new recipes.

My Favorite Thing about the Holidays - is spending time with family & friends.

Something I want to start incorporating is - buying a new family game every Christmas.

And don't forget to link your blog here if you participate so we can all join in the fun!


greenolive said...

That's my favorite Christmas drink too.

S Club Mama said...

love it!!

Puphigirl said...

I was just asked the other night if I had ever had or heard of boiled custard. This was from a classmate who is from Kentucky. I told her that our aunt in Tennessee made it for us. The other classmates were like, "What's boiled custard?" I told them it is a drink like egg nog, it tastes like melted ice cream. I also told them that when the southerners say it, it doesn't sound like boiled custard, but bowled custard.

okeydokeyifine said...

I added the infor to my blog, tried to link on, but I am OLD PEOPLE and do not know if it worked

Vickie said...

My favorite drink is coke, but in the winter I will drink hot chocolate.

Love memes! Gonna try and do this in the morning!

Betty said...

That was fun to read. I did a similar meme a while ago, so I´ll skip this one, but you should do it again next Christmas.
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your kids and family!