Friday, December 4, 2009

Into the Cave

I had to hurry or I'd miss the flight. All I could think about was walking faster, and yet I knew it was impossible to walk any faster than I already was. I was panting and breaking a sweat. I practically ran down the winding corridor. Soon the crowds dissipated and the high-gloss sheen floors turned dark; the air felt cool around me. The lights were dim and I could sense a dampness or moistness in the air.

I turned the corner and there were the Kisers - a family I had known while growing up. My best friend Heidi was there, but she was off in a corner helping a group of people with something. Instead, I had to talk to her parents and her sister, Hilary. They were standing at an opening in the ground, which has suddenly turned to rock. Hilary had a rope tied around her waist as did both of her parents on either side of the opening to the cave.

"You need to hurry," urged Hilary. I was confused. I wasn't sure why I was even in a hurry. But I sensed that time was of the essence and there was a look of urgency on all of their faces. I took the rope that their mother had offered me. Somehow I managed to tie it around my waist. Slowly they lowered me into the cave...

...which didn't end up being a cave, after I was lowered about 10 or 11 stories into the ground. A bell sounded and elevator doors parted ways in front of me. I stepped out on the floor of a building... it was like a dormitory. However it was still dark; still cool and damp, and still quiet.

I walked without seeing or saying so much as one word to anyone. My heart began to pound, and suddenly I knew that I needed to remain as quiet as possible. I realized that I was hiding from someone; or perhaps looking for someone who was hiding. Nonetheless, I didn't want to be caught, and therefore had to remain silent.

I tiptoed up the back stairs, took a tram from one section to the next, and entered an area of the building which was no longer a dormitory, but an upscale hotel.

Again, I had to remain silent. I opted for stairwells instead of elevators. Turning and climbing; climbing and turning. It was so much work. I made one turn, and the next thing I know I am sitting at a stop light, in an old beater car waiting for the light to turn green. I am not sure what happened next... I remember feeling lost, and looking for an address scrawled on a paper somewhere in the car. I was frustrated I could not find it.

I drove the beater car home, feeling defeated; in the depths of despair. I crawled into my bed and cried softly on my pillow. What did it all mean, and more importantly, "Now what was I going to do?" It all felt very sad and very gloomy, and then I woke up.

That dream of just a few nights ago has me so perplexed I am not even sure where to start... I mean, it was so intense, it had to mean something, right?


greenolive said...

I like that the Kisers were there. They definitely have to represent something.

Puphigirl said...

I wonder if you were looking for love in all the wrong places.

Ruthykins said...

okay, alice. now build on that dream and make an awesome story book.

Alice in Wonderland said...

Emma, this seems to be the usual "Anxiety" dreams that we all have, but in yours, you had the comfort of having someone there that you knew and the rope that represents safety.
Whatever it is that is bothering you, be it consciously or hidden deep down, you know that it will be safe to carry on and no harm will come to you.

Betty said...

What a vivid dream! I never dream, so I really can´t relate, but I think you shouldn´t put too much thought into it.

The Blonde Duck said...

Wow. That's a big dream!

Susie said...

I like Alice's analysis:-)