Thursday, December 3, 2009

I Didn't Do It Thursday

Well, since I missed Not Me Monday a few days ago (shh!) I decided to post "I Didn't Do It Thursday" today to tell you all about what I DIDN'T do last week and catch you all up.

First of all, I DIDN'T spend the first part of the week obsessing over an Excel final project and I certainly DIDN'T cry over any of it since I DIDN'T have a hard time with any of it either. I DIDN'T end up calling Big-D who DIDN'T come over and help me, cuz like I said, I DIDN'T need help and I repeat, I DIDN'T cry!

I DIDN'T stay up Wednesday and bake and cook for Thanksgiving cuz we DIDN'T plan on joining some friends for dinner followed by games. I DIDN'T get an awesome Yam Crisp recipe and I DIDN'T make that as one of my dishes to take. After getting home I DIDN'T start to put up my Christmas tree and over half of the lights on the pre-lit tree DIDN'T stop working and I DIDN'T have to unwind them so I could string new ones and I DIDN'T think a bunch of horrible things and I certainly DIDN'T mutter under my breath something about the plebian workers whose job it is to string lights on pre-lit trees and how obviously they have nothing better to do than to hideously twist and wind and create all sorts of knots... no I certainly DIDN'T rant and rave like that, as that would have been... um... psychotic? My parents DIDN'T stop by while they were passing through town and I DIDN'T give them a box to courier to my sister back home. I DIDN'T think it was fun to see them.

Friday I DIDN'T have to take my vehicle into the mechanic for some ASAP work that needed doing and I DIDN'T have a wee little list of a few things to fetch from the stores and since I had no car Big-D DIDN'T oblige by taking me on my errands. We DIDN'T manage to go to the places on my list all in under two hours which DIDN'T amaze me since it was also "Black Friday". Big-D DIDN'T make Cow and Sheep Herding noises while we waded through the crowds. I DIDN'T think it was funny, and certainly DIDN'T laugh.

Friday was also Big-D's birthday and we DIDN'T celebrate by going to lunch and then a movie. We DIDN'T have a Mr. Crabby-Pants waiter and we DIDN'T choose to ignore his rudeness. We then DIDN'T go to see 2012... and it was a little intense in some scenes so I DIDN'T squeeze Big-D's hand a little too tightly and I certainly DIDN'T cry in at least four other parts of the film. I DIDN'T get slightly embarrassed about that.

Saturday I DIDN'T do laundry and dishes and DIDN'T get tons more homework done. I DIDN'T even get to work on PrettyPrettyPrincess's quilt just a tad (the one that I DIDN'T promise would be ready for her birthday -- LAST JANUARY!!!).

DIDN'T do anything either??? DIDN'T think so... hehehe.


Anonymous said...

I wish I knew how to quilt.

greenolive said...

I didn't have a fun Thanksgiving visiting friends and family in Indianapolis. I also didn't visit with Mom and Dad and did not love seeing them. Oh, and I did not recieve a wonderful Christmas package from a certain sister, which probably didn't already make me gain five pounds.

Puphigirl said...

I DIDN'T drive 11 hours to Wyoming to visit my in-laws for Thanksgiving. I DIDN'T also attend a funeral that weekend. I DIDN'T somehow injure my knee and I have NOT been using that as an excuse to not go exercise.

Holli and Billy said...

I was beginning to worry that you actually DIDN'T do anything last week! I am glad you did this post. It is always my favorite!

Susie said...

I didn't have a successful Thanksgiving holiday:-)

RhondaLue said...

so do you recommend 2012 or no?

Sounds busy girl! You remind me, I must get busy on my Christmas quilt before Christmas is over!