Monday, November 2, 2009

Not Me Monday

Monday Madness!!! Time to tell you everything that did NOT happen this past week.

Monday night I did NOT attend my son's High School Choir Concert and I was NOT moved to tears and my younger two kids did NOT look at me like I was C-R-A-Z-Y!

Wednesday night Big-D did NOT take me to the college Jazz Band concert which I was NOT required to critique for my music class. Afterwards I did NOT go to the ladies room and when I walked in there did NOT think it peculiar that the stall doors only came up to my shoulders. I did NOT do my business and when I stood up to zip up, etc. there was NOT a woman who had just entered the stall next to me and was standing doing her zipping-down thing. We did NOT look at each other and she did NOT say, "This is sort of weird..." to which I did NOT bust up laughing. I did NOT laugh to the point of hysterics and did NOT continue laughing even while washing my hands, and was totally NOT in tears by the time I went out to meet Big-D who was waiting for me. He did NOT look at me like I was C-R-A-Z-Y and ask what happened and I was NOT wheezing and laughing and crying so hard that I did NOT have to wait several minutes before I could explain. Afterwards we did NOT go to the Drive-Thru for a Diet Coke run followed by a trip to WalMart because we did NOT want to get Twinkies. We did NOT sit in the parking lot afterwards and get our Twinkies on and did NOT laugh and have more fun.

Thursday was NOT play practice and I was NOT pleased at how well everything is coming along and how funny these actors/actresses are. I am NOT excited for the play this coming Saturday.

Friday we did NOT dress up for Halloween at work. Charlotte was NOT a corpse bride and did NOT order some costume contacts that were soooo NOT freaky...

Saturday morning I did NOT get up early to take PrettyPrettyPrincess to the pumpkin patch and hay maze. It was NOT bright and sunny.

I also did NOT work my butt off at the library for the rest of the day while the kids went with their dad. Big-D did NOT rescue me from my studies by taking me for pizza and the restaurant employees were NOT having a costume contest in which they wanted the patrons to vote. There were NOT all sorts of crazy costumes and we did NOT vote for a waitress dressed in all-blue but were at a loss of what to write as Big-D thought I should write "Blue Bar Wench" and I thought perhaps she was "Smurfette". We did NOT laugh shamelessly.

Then I did NOT pick PrettyPrettyPrincess up and we did NOT skip out on trick-or-treating and instead watch the movie Amelia. I did NOT cry at the movie and did NOT learn things about Amelia Earheart I never knew before. Afterwards, we did NOT hit WalMart to buy deeply discounted Halloween Candy to fill her trick or treat bag so she would have some leverage in trading with her brothers. It was NOT a busy but good week.

So... what did you NOT do?


Alice in Wonderland said...

I love all the things that you did NOT do this week!
Thank you for your post on my site today. That must have been the most ever that you have written to me! I write on your site just about every day, and I have done for quite a while now, but thank you for sharing todays thoughts. It's hard getting up the courage to dip your toe in again!
Big Hugs!

Era said...

The bathroom story had me laughing and laughing! We were down with the flu so not much went on here.

RhondaLue said...

sounds awesome! Love the bathroom story. I don't get why some are so short. Like, there are some REALLY tall women and all they have to do is take a gander my way and see me in all my glory! I've not been in a bathroom like that but I have been in DRESSING rooms like that. Me no likey!

Vickie said...

Don't think I will be using that bathroom. Yikes. But still had me cracking up.

Cool picture of PrettyPtrettyPrincess at the pumpkin patch. The picture looks like it has an orange tint to it.

Sounds like a great Halloween night. Sometimes I wish I could just chill like I use to 10 years ago.

The past couple of years I do NOT stay home and pass out candy while my husband does NOT take the kids out trick or treating. While I am NOT waiting for kids to come to the door I am NOT playing on the computer:)

Charlotte said...

Love those pumpkins! Looks like they weighed more than Pretty Pretty Princess.