Monday, October 26, 2009

Not Me Monday

What a week last week! ~And since it's Monday, it means it's time to share all the things that did NOT happen.

Monday, I did NOT take my kids for pizza for family night, and we did NOT institute schedules for cleaning and the laundry rotation. I also did NOT enforce "Deep cleaning bedroom night" when we got home and give them a sneak peek at what else was NOT to come that week, i.e., Tues-Kitchen & baths, Wed - Living Room & Dining, Thur - Downstairs.

Tuesday, I was NOT feeling overwhelmed as in addition to having a crazy day at work, I did NOT have to deal with a mean lady who was NOT auditing the insurance coverage for the man formally known as my spouse, and she was NOT rude and irritating, and it was not frustrating trying to recall certain dental visits from the PREVIOUS YEAR!!! Oh, and I did NOT have another disturbing call at work, which pretty much did NOT send me over the edge. I did NOT end my day with my father who, unbeknownst to me, did NOT happen to be passing through town and he did NOT pick my apples, make apple crisp, winterize the evap cooler, change high-out-of-reach light bulbs, and fix a broken door. Also, I did NOT have a breakdown and cry on my Daddy's shoulder, because that would have been the babyish thing to do. Shortly after he left, pipes under the kitchen sink did NOT burst, and I did NOT have a mess, and I did NOT call him, and he did NOT come back and spend the next several hours fixing the problem. My dad is NOT a great dad!

Wednesday is NOT a blur as I was NOT doing homework all night.

Thursday I was NOT having problems with my router, trying to install certain software. I did NOT call in the "big guns" to help me. After my computer hero fixed the issue and installed the program, we were NOT simply talking, and laughing, and basically NOT having fun, and I may NOT have been perhaps a teensy weensy flirty, and the younger two were NOT away for the evening, and my oldest one was NOT downstairs doing a research project. My so-called scenario (in which I may NOT have been a tad flirty) did NOT involve me in a certain position with said person and my son did NOT happen to walk in on us, and though we were pretty much NOT just talking, it may NOT have appeared that we may NOT have been involved in something else or at least *looked* like we were NOT involved in something else, or NOT getting ready to be involved with something else. (Do you NOT follow?) We did NOT bust up laughing as my oldest one did NOT roll his eyes and leave the room. He is NOT still embarrassed several days later. We did NOT joke that now my son needs lifetime therapy. lol!

Friday I did NOT take an exam and write more essays.

Saturday, I did NOT have play practice and I did NOT enjoy costume shopping afterwards. Also, I did NOT enjoy going to the movies later than night, and I certainly did NOT joke about the landing whereabouts of certain popcorn pieces that did NOT go astray. Afterwards, I did NOT feel like eating a Twinkie.

Sunday, I did NOT spend most of the afternoon taking a 3 hour nap, followed by NOT baking a cake with PrettyPrettyPrincess and I was NOT up past midnight writing more essays and taking quizzes for school. I am NOT tired of school at the moment, though I do NOT realize it is the right thing for me to be doing now, and therefore, I should NOT stop complaining...

What did you NOT do last week?


Susie said...

I was NOT bitter about missing my daughter's trip to the pumpkin farm.

Puphigirl said...

I did NOT finally get my house back in order from a party last week. I did NOT stay up to 1:00am almost everynight doing homework and working on a project from class. I did NOT get to spend some one-on-one time with my daughter showing her 'my school' and eating ice cream.

Alice in Wonderland said...

It has NOT been a tough week for me too. Thoughts of just packing this up have NOT been entering my head, so I am still NOT sure as to do about this. Hopefully things will NOT resolve themselves soon!
Not a Happy Monday!

debilyn said...

I love Not Me Monday posts!

I was NOT sick and miserable at the beginning of the week last week, and I did NOT spend hours upon hours lost in a book that I'm loving. And, as usual, I most certainly did NOT complain about the amount of dog hair I have to deal with on a daily basis. :)

The Blonde Duck said...

You poor thing! Tuesday sounds like a terrible day!

okeydokeyifine said...

I did not take my hubby to the airport so he could go to Belgium. I did not scare the grandchildren with a monster hand in the candy dish. I did not laugh myself silly at the screams. I did not go shopping for more candy as we had eaten the first batch. I did not plan to go trunk or treating as a native american to which grandchildren did not want to know if I was gonna be a Dead Native American to which I did not answer that I would be a live one. I did not spend saturday watching spook movies with the grandchildren, old black and white horror movies on tv. I did not work, eat, sleep as usual.

Ruthykins said...

i did not spend time with family from out of town on saturday and sunday. i did not have a crazy time at church on sunday. i did not watch a scary movie at nursemom's house which did not make me pray specifically for no nightmares. we did not have three blackouts last night which did not prompt me to call someone during the longest one and it was not you i called at midnight my time, 1am your time.

Ruthykins said...

oh, and you were not awake when i did not call you and we did not talk for a minute.