Monday, October 12, 2009

Not Me Monday

Monday means time to share all of the things I did NOT say or do this past week.

Well last Monday I did NOT return from the Menaissance. I know that I did NOT promise more details soon, and I will NOT be posting them. But, you do NOT have to realize that I am NOT waiting on a few more pics before I can NOT post. I will NOT be giving a few tidbits this week.

Last week was NOT stressful between work and school that I was NOT grateful to go and play a little. I did NOT take my kids for dinner and a movie since it has NOT been a while since we have done anything like that. I did NOT decide to splurge a little and treat them. We did NOT eat at Iggy's and I did NOT order the famous "Chicken Balls" (popcorn chicken appetizer) which did NOT make LittleDuckling squirm in his seat, and knowing that, I did NOT continue to use the phrase "Chicken Balls" as many times as I could possibly think of. Yeah, I am just NOT that cool :)

I did NOT have a nice Girls Night Out with some of my besties and we did NOT go to Olive Garden and see the movie Whip It. I did NOT like the shameful line that was something to the effect of, "That's why I like a good fondle... less messy." I know... it is NOT shameful... I did NOT warn you!

I did NOT have more stress with schoolwork and did NOT feel rewarded after seeing straight A's in all three classes after my first semester "biggie" reports/projects were due. This does NOT make me feel a little smart, which is NOT good as while trying to figure out some of the assignments I did NOT feel old and stupid. My hard work is NOT paying off.

Our parent company did NOT shut down one of our branch offices due to the economy. This did NOT stress me out, as when they do this, they do NOT just walk in to an office and shut 'er down without warning. I cannot helping feeling like we may NOT be next.

Big-D did NOT get to hear about my stress and I did NOT get to hear about his and I so totally did NOT make fun of him a little which did NOT feel a little good. He did NOT take me to dinner for more de-stressing and cheering up. We did NOT laugh a lot and then I did NOT suggest that we hit "the WalMartz" for our own adventure. (If you have not checked out People of Walmart you MUST go and check it out. Anyway, we did NOT hit two WalMarts and have fun and I did NOT almost pee my pants. I will NOT be posting "The WalMartz" pics once I have a nice little collection going.

So... what did you NOT do this week?


Vickie said...

Can't wait to see the pictures!! I could use a good laugh!

It has been forever since I went to the Olive Garden. Bread sticks and can never go wrong.

I did NOT secretly buy a stamping tool. I did NOT lock ourselves out of the house Thursday morning.

Susie said...

Wow! It sounds like you have been busy:-)

We are NOT all still sick in my house. No, that's ridiculous...that would be 2 weeks:-(

greenolive said...

I did not start making Halloween costumes.

greenolive said...

I also need to ask when another installment of' Breathing You' will be. I hope you didn't forget about it because you left me with a cliff-hanger. If you want you could just call me and tell me how it ends, but if others were reading it than I guess you'll have to finish writing it.

Alice in Wonderland said...

We don't have Walmarts in England, so I would be interested to see your photos.
I am NOT getting my new kittens this week, so I am NOT looking forward to that!
I'm pleased that you did NOT have a good week, and I hope this week is NOT good too!
Big hug.

Puphigirl said...

I did NOT have two tests this week, I did NOT harvest the pumpkins out of my garden, I did NOT go out for brunch with Hubby.