Friday, October 16, 2009

Flower Power

Do you ever wonder what your taste in flowers says about you? When asked what my favorite flowers are, I can only narrow it down to about five. I think the Calla Lily tops the all-time list. It's elegant and has clean lines. I love its beauty in its simplicity. However, I love other flowers too. My friend told me that the Victorians developed a flower language; sort of a personality test based on the flowers you like. I decided to write out my top five and then looked up what they mean.

So, here goes... My top Five Favorite Flowers:

Pink Gerber Daisy - "innocence and purity"

Plumavera - "birth and life"

Stargazer Lily - "purity, boldness"

White Orchid - "Love, beauty, refinement"

Calla Lily - "youthful innocence", "beauty"

What about you? What are your favorite flowers and what do they say about you?


greenolive said...

my favorites are lilacs. It says-first emotions of love.

Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

My two favs are Sunflowers and I am Loyal and Loving.

Susie said...

My favorite is lilacs too:-)

Alice in Wonderland said...

My favourites are Sunflowers and roses too, but I hate a single red rose because it looks so lonely! And if that is a symbol of love, then surely there should be two!
I actually love all flowers and I get really excited when a new one just appears in my garden! And I grow my own orchids, which is not easy at all!

Kristen Porter said...

i'm not sure if this says the right thing about me! but my FAVORITE flowers are peonies, which mean "Shame; bashfulness; anger; indignation"

Very interesting!

debilyn said...

I adore Gerber Daisies. Big fan of lilacs and tulips, too.

Tulsi said...

White, ordinary Daisies are my favorite. I wish I had gone with them for my wedding. But that was almost 24 years ago, so I've just gotten them at least once a year since. I love how they look like happy people. I think I read daisies were Innocence.

Tamie said...

very interesting to think about....i think that i'll have to go and look them up---love sunflowers and yellow roses along with white daisies

RhondaLue said...

I love most flowers! They're all beautiful in their own way!